Oder to the late great Christopher Hitchens!


You know, I have been missing the enlightened banter of the late great Christopher Hitchens lately and have been traveling Youtube endlessly listening to his debates. I miss his ‘in your face’ indictments of the religious community as they try to justify putting myth above fact. When the depictions of Mohammed in the Danish press caused such a backlash, Hitchens bravely chided the Muslim community for sitting back and tolerating the backward animals that were rioting over simple cartoons. The leaders, of course, did not have any relevant response to the animalistic responses of their fellow myth followers and actually tried the ‘cultural’ angle to the situation. Hitchens, of course, made instant example of the preferential treatment to Muslims in the aftermath of the cartoons and the leaders, of course, stated that the overall response was not mainstream.

Hitchens stated that if the response was not shared by the mainstream Muslim community then why did they choose to stand with the extremists and stand silent as animals rioted because someone had insulted their pedophile prophet. Islam is a myth just as any religion and is an optional belief. While some of us stand with logic and reason, some of us choose to delude themselves and believe shit that requires that you put blinders on. O.K. I can tolerate your unfounded beliefs as long as you don’t try to teach your insane, psychotic creationist bullshit in classrooms and you stay away from my door about ‘the good news.’  I have always said that the good news was that you weren’t going to tell me that your myth had been resurrected to take me to your fictitious Valhalla called ‘Heaven.’ 

 I don’t think that I could put up with GOD checking in on me every time I m about to blow my nut in Scarlett Johansen’s imaginary face! I would take the Hell scenario every fucking time! A cosmic Kim Jong Un is not my idea of paradise and most of the people that I know of would rather have free will in the afterlife too. I cannot imagine bowing to some tin shit GOD every hour of every fucking day so it gives me relief to know that it’s all a fucking myth and the GOD people are a bunch of deluded crazy fucks who LOVE following something regardless if it is real or not! Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, etc. these are ALL myths and have absolutely NO PROOF whatsoever! To believe is a choice and not a good one! Science changes the world, not devisive bullshit religion. Religion poisons everything while science enlightens all! Give people a theory and they will advance it. Give them religion and they will kill their brothers in self-righteous rage!

I miss your intolerance of stupid religious excuses and have carried on in your absence. I believe that you were on the right track related to the scientific evidence that backed your claims and of the bullshit that religious idiots used to make themselves look even more deluded. I swear to advance the truth in the name of intellectuals everywhere and will fight the dark wherever it presents itself. Darkness comes with the exclusion of cold hard science. Ignorance comes with ignoring science. Religious myth stands in the way of reason and logic and frowns on advancement. I will continue to keep science in the forefront and debunk religious bullshit as it frequently arises. I miss you Christopher, but have learned well.

Mack Quigley Report


Howdy Blogspotians!

I recently read an incredibly idiotic piece( of shit ), about ‘new DNA evidence’ giving Evolution the death blow! First of all, I’d like to know when a believer has EVER used evidence to prove ANYTHING! Also, you can’t use Christians OR da Byble to disprove the idiocy of religion or believing in magical sky fairies. That would be like asking a fucking Mormon if his myth is true! You know goddamned well what they are going to say so give the bullshit a rest Mack! When real science can disprove Evolution, THEN and only then, will sensible people believe. I really think that your narrow minded ass is going to be calcium dust before you even get the reply that you are deluded from the great men of science. First because they don’t believe in the God Delusion, ( Yayahhh! Dawkins move!!), and second, because they regard these arguments as completely pedestrian. I only reply because I am amazed by the close mindedness of believers to science that has long since debunked Christianity. 

I, for one, have done thousands of hours of research and have come up with the same conclusions as most of the scientific minds in the world; that religion is just opium for the masses of sheep-like followers that spend their days in front of the TV set watching reality drivel.