Burn Baby!!


I am amazed every day that I see religious literature at the bedside of someone who is acutely or chronically ill. Amazed because the fear is very present in the fact that these people do not ask why their all powerful omnipotent god does not heal them. If he was all powerful then you would expect that he could do this, but no, that goes against that shit in the bible meant to obscure the truth of the matter. Oh, we have free will and such, so god doesn’t get involved in these cases and lets his sheeple suffer as they cry out unto him! The truth is that these clauses in the spiritual contract are there to reinforce that you cannot see, touch or hear him, because if they weren’t then that would blow the illusion by making some poor bozo have to show up in a god suit with a puff of smoke!

These superstitions are based on blind faith alone and require but a sheep-like mentality to adhere to them. There is no basis or proof, there is no actual witnesses. Hell, Jesus can’t even be substantiated! The authors of the bible have only proven that to take control of the masses you need only to present a better deity than the one before. People are tractable, limited and backward thinking which really helps people like the Kartrashians get famous. Being an idiot also helps to increase the sales of gossip rags and romance novels because vacuum headed morons love to live vicariously through actors and other fictional characters. Why, if so many people didn’t pay attention to useless drivel then these things wouldn’t even exist, but they do because 90% of all people care more about their favorite American Idol than who is elected to lead them.

I see the terrible things that happen to innocent people every day yet I see these people or their family members pray to the very god that supposedly is powerful enough to have prevented the tragedy. The excuses, of course, are free will, the Devil, god is testing them, etc. I say that if HE was all-powerful, then HE would be a better steward of his fucking resources, but thats just me and sense having a conversation over here! I try not to spoil another person’s irrational blabber with my petty logic and reasoning, and I also try not to impune their impotent sky cop by constantly questioning HIS grace and power either. I just would love to have some insight as to why people have to make up fantastic stories to make themselves feel secure instead of looking to each other for strength. Sky Daddy is gone! The smoke and mirrors have gathered layers of dust while God has trimmed the long white hair into a mohawk and gone off to follow The Stones on their last tour! The ticket booth is empty and the great theater of life is no longer seating for the reading of The Book of Life! Yes your gonna burn, but only when your cremated by a relative trying to save 12 Grand on that silver handled casket! Hell, he may just row you out in the ol fishing boat, weigh you down with a few rocks and let the alligators do the rest! The moral of this story is that you are fucking gone when you are gone!

No animosity, but live your life and keep praying that real science will cure your ills! This is the only way that cures happen because GAWD is not gonna help! Faith does, because it is a powerful tool of the mind, not GOD driven. The human mind is a very underestimated and powerful thing that religion tries everyday to exploit and destroy. Once we can direct the power of the mind to assist science in healing, we will no longer need the lies and fairy stories of religion! How exciting!

Well, blog ya soon! Good bye and False-God Bless! Satan Mosel tov, Beelzebub Bye! Fairy tale farewell…..I’m beating a dead horse aren’t I? BYE!!!




July 2013

The Seventh International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media begins July 8 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

The Twenty-Seventh AAAI Conference will be held in Bellevue, Washington July 14–18.

The Twenty-Fifth IAAI Conferencewill be held in Bellevue, Washington July 14–18.

The Fourth AAAI Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence will be held in Bellevue Washington July 15–16.

October 2013

The Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment will be held October 14–18 in Boston, Massachusetts USA

November 2013

The First AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing will be held November 7–9 in Palm Springs, California USA

The AAAI Fall Symposium begins on November 15 near Washington, DC.

March 2014

The AAAI Spring Symposium begins on March 24 in Palo Alto, CA.


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The biggest task for the religious will be to explain how artificial life forms will be able to have personalities and appear to have individuality. I know that this is a long way off but they need to realize that it WILL happen. The more pressing issue that threatens them is when a human clone is psychologically tested and deemed to be no different than any other human being. Clones will have ‘souls’ which will fly against everything that is said in most religious text. Hopefully, we will be good stewards of this technology. Religious leaders, on the other hand, are going to have to put on their thinking caps and come up with more creative fairy tales to hoodoo the disenchanted beliebers. ( yes, I called them beliebers because they are just as idiotic ).