The walking dead!!


When contemplating cradle to the grave welfare or other programs designed to save people from their self-seving means, we are given stark reminders that the weak are usually eaten or fall by the wayside as the strong carve out a niche for themselves.  Caring for the weak is meant to be a temporary thing and those who demonstrate a chronic weakness should be slated for destruction. I believe that if you put yourself in the weak category you voluntarily accept that your destiny will be meted out by someone else and that some fucking idiot will make it look like this person needs care forevermore.

Please observe what I am trying to demonstrate as I describe this situation. Imagine that you have to fare for yourself in a world where law has broken down and food is scarce. You are your best resource and a lazy welfare asshole who sits on his ass is a liability. Rather than feed this piece of shit, you would leave his/her ass to the wolves rather than risk anything to help this lazy fuck survive. I see the modern society as pretty much the same. If you would abandon the lazy piece of shit in a time of need, then why keep this asshole alive now? If a person is unwilling to earn their keep then leave them to perish! When given the hard choice I bet that the lazy bastard would choose to earn their keep. Those who are truly down on their luck would be given a good example, and the teen idiots that keep having kids that they can’t take care of would think twice before fucking out of turn!

These are sensible choices NOT paid for by the people busting ass for a living and this would convince more worker bees to quit having kids that they cannot take care of. This is common sense and goes against the Liberal cradle to the grave welfare plan that they have.

The laws governing conglomerates would also have to be re-enacted and enforced so that the fucking liberals wouldn’t have anything to bitch about, like they ALWAYS do! We need a change up in politics that does not favor the oligarchs, but this is never gonna happen because the Repubs/Dems have the plan locked up. Stupid fucking people…….just too stupid to see the bigger plan that fucks ALL of the people in place of the rich…



I really am not the best atheist right now seeing as the Ferguson verdict didn’t go as the knee-jerk left wanted it to go, and it DID go the way that racist assholes wanted it to go and followed suit with the typical grand jury decision regarding police handling that  usually follows suit. I maintain that the Michael Brown case was NOT the case to judge the judicial system by because Michael Brown was, in fact, a fucking little thug who believed in the rule of lawlessness and had a rap sheet a mile long.

I hate racism and get hot under the collar when stupid fucking white liberals resort to base racism by vilifying all people with pale faces when a crime happens in the black community involving a white face. People are people and have the same equipment as everyone else regardless of skin color and I hate the broad generalization related to color in the various crimes committed based on these pitiful standards. I also detest the bullshit that occurs on the converse end that is related to the same fucking shit! Color is just that, color! We have two lungs, feet, arms, and a heart, spleen and stomach, but my stomach tends to turn in the case of racial politics.

I grew up poor and destitute and could have wallowed in my sorrows, but I chose not to. I believe that most things are surmountable related to gumption and guts, but 90% of mankind seems to believe that cradle to the grave welfare is the answer and the expansion of Government is a good thing. I see a world of control as a place in which I do not want to live and would rather let the titty suckers of humanity clean up their act or fucking die without further notice. I know that knee jerk liberals think that people shouldn’t ever be held responsible for their own actions and that a Government plan can help them somehow be the simpering idiot, piece of shit weak jerkoffs that they know that they are, but that does not help strong people fulfill the plans that they have envisioned because some liberal asshole is there to remind them that they have a responsibility to expend their hard earned savings to care for the weak cock sucker that can’t seem to get his shit together!

The in-between plan has an answer for those that finally admit that they are weak fucking assholes and that they need help. The middle of the road plan acknowledges that some people are fucking titty suckers that are looking for ways to hold working people responsible for their fucking puking weaknesses,m these people should be banished forever, but we give these assholes 2nd chances to redeem themselves. They should be held to a standard that makes them join the legitimate working people. If they don’t then they should be banished to find their own way and fuck them!

I will continue to find ways to help the poor effectively besides the ways to assist them in having children that they cannot feed and will also continue to advocate for the people that say that people that have children that hey cannot feed are irresponsible pieces of shit! Fuck these people and their excuses period! It’s not Republican or Democrat, just common sense. It is not a right to have children, it is a right to have children that you can care for both emotionally and physically. If you do something other than this, you are a fucking stupid genetically challenged asshole who is slated for destruction.

If you survive beyond this then you are superior and need to reproduce!



Ducking Fuggars!

More than 80,000 people have <a href=''>signed a petition</a> to cancel the TLC reality show "19 Kinds and Counting" for what the petition says is an anti-LGBT stance. According to the petition, Michelle Duggar's voice can be heard on a recorded call from this past summer urging the citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas, to vote to repeal a law that forbids business owners and landlords from evicting and firing people based on gender identity.More than 80,000 people havesigned a petition to cancel the TLC reality show “19 Kinds and Counting” for what the petition says is an anti-LGBT stance. According to the petition, Michelle Duggar’s voice can be heard on a recorded call from this past summer urging the citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas, to vote to repeal a law that forbids business owners and landlords from evicting and firing people based on gender identity.
Mouthing off: Celebs said what?!
  • As of Thursday the petition had more than 80,000 signatures
  • The Duggars are known as devout Christians
  • The petition also mentions their son’s new job

(CNN) — TLC’s reality show “19 Kids and Counting” has tons of fans, but more than 80,000 can’t be counted in that number.

That’s the amount who have signed a petition to have the show canceled in light of what the petition calls the Duggar family’s anti-LGBT stance.

According to the petition, Michelle Duggar’s voice can be heard on a recorded call from this past summer urging the citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas, to vote to repeal a law that forbids business owners and landlords from evicting and firing people based on gender identity.

Duggars expecting 20th child

“The Fayetteville City Council is voting on an ordinance this Tuesday night that would allow men — yes I said men — to use women’s and girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, showers, sleeping areas and other areas that are designated for females only,” the petition reports Duggar as saying on the robocall. “I don’t believe the citizens of Fayetteville would want males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female to have a legal right to enter private areas that are reserved for women and girls.”

The petition says Duggar’s words “reek of ignorance and fear mongering.”

“Just because someone is transgendered doesn’t mean they are a child predator or a rapist,” the petition says. “The claim that this ordinance would provide predators with access to women’s restrooms in order to assault or leer at girls or women is nothing more than fear-mongering and spreading ignorance and hatred.”

The Duggars are known for being devout Christians who don’t believe in practicing birth control and whose children follow courtship rules that include no kissing until their wedding day.

The petition also says that the Duggars’ oldest son, Josh, has taken a job with the Family Research Center, which the petition says “is such a hate-filled, anti-gay organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2010 labeled it a ‘hate group’ for its ‘dissemination of false and demonizing propaganda about gays and lesbians.’ “

The movement comes on the heels of controversy about a recent posting on the Duggars’ “official” Facebook page.

After their newly married daughter Jessa was criticized for sharing an Instagram photo of herself kissing her husband Ben Seewald, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar posted an image of themselves kissing and challenging others to do the same.

John Becker, who blogs about LGBT issues at The Bilerico Project,wrote that pictures of same-sex couples were deleted.

A counter petition to support the Duggars has been started and as of Friday had more than 6,000 signatures.

-Duck these stinking Fuggars and their incredibly irresponsible vagina as clown car family of genetic throwbacks! How backward and stupid do you have to be to post and support the shit that these people do. I personally get pissed at the rabid masses that watch these shitty shows and comment on the people as if they have just shared dinner at their house yesterday. “Oh, I know that that’s a lot of kids but Jim Bob and Michelle are sooo great with the kids and they are so well taken care of.” Fucking REALLY? These assclowns are Quiverfull religious nutcases who believe that a magic Jew turned water into wine AND that he actually walked on it without fucking sinking, and if that’s not enough proof that these idiots’ plane overshot the runway, they have absolutely NO fucking clue as to how real science works and are Young Earth Creationists as well!

Believing that the Earth is 8,000 years old definitely qualifies as grossly misinformed if not down right ignorant! I have rocks in my back yard that are way older than 8,000 years and any basic science class taught at the 4th grade level can easily prove this. You don’t need to be Sheldon fucking Cooper to figure this out, you just have to read one peer reviewed article in a science journal to have all the proof that you need, but if you are a religious zealot intent on oppressing further generations of mouth breathing inbreeds than I guess the Duggars are the retards to deliver the message! Their brand of bigotry and misogyny is as outdated as supporting the child-diddling Catholic money laundering system in Rome and needs to be swept into the dustbin of revisionist history from whence it came! The very fact that these assholes ignore sound healthcare advice regarding having stair step kids repels me from listening to any of the twaddle that issues forth from their collective ignorant pie holes, let alone the irresponsible willful act of fucking the environment with an extremely huge genetically flawed footprint, you fucking missing link motherfuckers!

One can only hope that these inbred shitbirds slide back into their morally tepid swamp and leave us all with only the foul taste in our mouths that hate and bigotry bring.  


Disturbing human bondage statistics!


The Global Slavery Index 2014 report finds that globally, almost 36 million people are subject to modern slavery
India is home to the largest number of enslaved, with over 14 million people living in bondage
Mauritania has the highest percentage, with 4% of the population enslaved
Iceland and Luxembourg have the lowest number, both in prevalence and in absolute numbers

(CNN) — The second annual edition of the Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index has found that globally, almost 36 million people are subject to modern slavery.
While incidences of slavery were found in every one of the 167 countries surveyed, five countries — India, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Russia — accounted for nearly 22 million people (61%) suffering in bondage. The worst offender, India, accounted for an estimated 14.29 million people.
Human slavery, the report states, is defined as “human trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage, forced or servile marriage, or commercial sexual exploitation.”
Surge in cases
The report found an increase of 20% on the foundation’s findings a year ago, although it attributed the rise to more sophisticated data collection and analysis.
Former slaves find simple sanctuary in Pakistan ‘Haitian Idol’ aims to stop child slavery
“There is an assumption that slavery is an issue from a bygone era. Or that it only exists in countries ravaged by war and poverty,” Andrew Forrest, Chairman and Founder of the Walk Free Foundation, said in a statement.
“The first step in eradicating slavery is to measure it. And with that critical information, we must all come together — governments, businesses and civil society — to finally bring an end to the most severe form of exploitation.”
Highest percentages
While some of the world’s most populous nations were home to the bulk of the incidences of modern slavery, other countries had higher percentages of their populations enslaved.
The West African nation of Mauritania, the report found, had the highest prevalence, with an estimated 4% of its population in bondage. Other offenders include Uzbekistan (3.97%), Haiti (2.3%) and Qatar (1.35%).
The Emirate, which will play host to the World Cup in 2022, has faced numerous questions concerning its labor laws and the kafala sponsorship system, which limits foreign workers’ rights of movement.
“Qatar hosts significant numbers of foreign workers, and has risen in the ranking due to improved survey data, giving better insight into the high number of enslaved migrant workers in the nation,” Gina Dafalia, the foundation’s policy and research manager, told CNN. “It is ranked fourth with an estimated 1.4% of the population in modern slavery. We consider this to be a conservative estimate.”
There is an assumption that slavery is an issue from a bygone era. Or that it only exists in countries ravaged by war and poverty.
Andrew Forrest, Walk Free Foundation
Qatar has promised to address criticisms and expects to make announcements concerning repeal of the kafala system in early 2015.
Refugees most vulnerable to slavery
Kevin Bales, lead author of the report, told CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout that vulnerability is a key factor in the prevalence of slavery in a country, and that refugees are particularly susceptible to modern enslavement.
“It’s not a surprise that many of the countries where we see large proportions of the population in slavery are also those countries that are beset by conflict, like Syria, and by other economic and environmental problems,” he said.
The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that forced labor generates more than $150 billion in illicit profits every year, making it the second largest source of profits for international organized crimes behind the drugs trade.
Bright spots
Iceland and Luxembourg, the report finds, have fewer than 100 people each living in slavery, the lowest number both in prevalence and in absolute numbers.
While it acknowledges the efforts made by some countries, such as the Netherlands, Sweden, the U.S. and Australia to tackle the global issue, the report also reprimands some rich countries for not doing more.
Hong Kong, Singapore and Brunei, along with Qatar and Kuwait are singled out for mention.
The Walk Free Foundation, a global human rights organization with a mission to end modern slavery in a generation, was founded by Australian philanthropists, Andrew and Nicola Forrest.

-I know that I have excoriated people in the recent past for being greedy selfish sheeple assisting in the sale of our country to the highest bidder, but my efforts to save children will continue to become more complex. I hold adults responsible for their actions but also must realize that if 90% of them are sheep, then personal responsibility actually IS not the best course of thought in which to follow. Those of us who pride ourselves on not following the latest fads or for thinking outside of the box actually have a greater level of responsibility to our fellow humans to protect them from themselves, and if that takes exerting more control over them for their own good than so be it.

Too many people are having children that they cannot support due to their own stupidity in following their most base animal urges. These children are brought into a world that is very unforgiving and that is filled with evil people who don’t hesitate to exploit them. All children deserve a chance and until we can force people to use birth control, we need to protect the children that are already here. My children come home from school every night into a bed that I have worked my ass off to provide for them, many kids never return home from the days of slave labor that they are forced into. As long as there are little ones who do not return home, I will continue to write, donate, pontificate, march and dig my hands in to help these faceless innocents return from brutality. 

These kids are not a world away, they are as close as your front doorstep in many areas. I post flyers on signs to look for, I post links on this blog to guide people to resources. I am venturing deeper into this world and learning more effective ways to assist because I detest an armchair quarterback who sits on his/her lazy ass and tells everyone else how the world should run but never tries to make a difference. Please pay attention, and please realize that the problem only gets worse with population increase. I mention this because if we don’t start examining the bigger picture the problems of this planet will never be solved. Most of our problems are created by too many rats in the maze and a bunch of bigger rats hoarding resources. If we fail to control our populations than the governments will surely damage personal freedoms a lot more than anyone can imagine. So please, help those in bondage out there now but think of the things that actually lend to these problems. 



R.I.P one of many aid workers and not the last to die.


Kassig is the fifth Western hostage ISIS apparently beheaded
He converted to Islam during his captivity and also went by the name Adbul Rahman Kassig
He was a former U.S. soldier who became a medical worker
He wanted to help the victims of war and was captured in Syria a year ago

(CNN) — American aid worker and former soldier Peter Kassig was beheaded by ISIS terrorists, the White House confirmed Sunday, hours after a video claiming to show the victim surfaced online.
ISIS held Kassig as a hostage and in previous communications had threatened his life.
The video shows the aftermath of a beheading in which the victim is not clearly recognizable.
President Barack Obama confirmed the 26-year-old’s beheading, saying Kassig “was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group that the world rightly associates with inhumanity.”
Kassig, who converted to Islam in captivity, also went by the name Abdul-Rahman Kassig.
Kassig: ‘Able to share a bit of hope’ Obama: Beheading was ‘act of pure evil’ How is this ISIS video different? ISIS reportedly beheads Peter Kassig
He first traveled to the Middle East as a U.S. soldier and returned as a medical worker, feeling compelled to help victims of war.
He did aid work in Syria, where he was captured. He was held hostage for over a year.
“We are heartbroken to learn that our son, Abdul-Rahman Peter Kassig, has lost his life as a result of his love for the Syrian people and his desire to ease their suffering,” Kassig’s parents, Ed and Paula, said in a statement.
The parents released a previously unpublished audio recording of their son, recorded by a journalist before Kassig was taken captive.
“You know we would have a chance here to make up for a lot wrong that we did in this part of the world if we stepped in, in the right way,” Peter Kassig says in the recording. “If we just as a country did what other people helped me to do in that hospital. How much did I impact the political situation inside Syria? None. How much did I impact the political situation back home? None. But what I did do is that over period of time in that hospital I was able to share a little bit of hope and comfort with some people.”
The Kassig family expressed heartbreak over the beheadings of the other Westerners who came before their son, and asked for prayers for the safe return of other captives.
“While ISIL revels in the slaughter of innocents, including Muslims, and is bent only on sowing death and destruction, Abdul-Rahman was a humanitarian who worked to save the lives of Syrians injured and dispossessed by the Syrian conflict,” Obama said.
ISIL is another term for the group ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which calls itself simply the Islamic State.
The video
A familiar figure appeared in Sunday’s beheading video, dressed in all black and speaking with what sounds like an English accent.
A man fitting the same description appeared in previous videos of the apparent beheadings of other Westerners.
But this recording is different from previously released ones. It is longer, almost 16 minutes, and does not include a statement by the victim, as previous ones had.
And it is utterly brutal, showing in graphic detail the beheadings of other men, whom militants claim are pilots for the Syrian government.
The narration spends much time on ISIS’ history and the figure taunts Obama, saying he will have to return troops to Iraq in greater numbers than before.
And for the first time in such a video, the speaker names the place where he is standing with the victim — in the town of Dabiq in Aleppo province, Syria.
The fifth Westerner
Kassig is the fifth Westerner whom ISIS claims to have beheaded via video messages.
The first was U.S. journalist James Foley. A video of his killing was posted online in mid-August, just over a week after Obama approved “targeted airstrikes” against ISIS.
In early September, ISIS released a video showing the beheading of U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff. Sotloff’s apparent killer spoke in what sounded like the same British accent as the man who purportedly killed Foley.
Less than two weeks later, ISIS announced in a video the apparent killing of British aid worker David Haines.
And on October 3, ISIS released a video showing the apparent beheading of hostage Alan Henning.
Secretary of State John Kerry praised Kassig’s compassion and reiterated the goal of defeating ISIS.
“This was a young man who traveled to one of the world’s most dangerous places to care for the innocent victims of a bloody conflict, and fearlessly dedicated himself to helping those in need,” Kerry said. “There can be no greater contrast than that between Abdul-Rahman’s generosity of spirit and the pernicious evil of ISIL.”
Plea for mercy
Kassig’s life was threatened on the video that showed Henning’s killing.
A week after its release, Kassig’s family released a YouTube video of their own, asking his captors to show mercy and free him.
Kassig’s mother, Paula, addressed her son in the video. “We are so very proud of you and the work you have done to bring humanitarian aid to the Syrian people,” she said.
The couple noted they were releasing the video on the day of Islam’s Eid al-Adha, or the Festival of Sacrifice, when Muslims slaughter lambs, goats, sheep and cattle and distribute the meat to the poor and their families.
A native of Indiana, Peter Kassig founded Special Emergency Response and Assistance, a nongovernmental organization aiding Syrians fleeing the civil war there.
From 2012, he delivered food and medical supplies within and outside Syria and provided trauma care and training, his family said.
Soldier, helper, captive
Kassig’s journey began when he joined the U.S. Army Rangers in 2006 and deployed to Iraq in 2007. He was honorably discharged for medical reasons after a brief tour and returned to the United States to study political science and train for 1,500-meter races. But something wasn’t right.
“I was going to school with kids who look the same, were the same age as me, but we weren’t the same,” he said in an interview with CNN in 2012. “I wanted more of a challenge, a sense of purpose.”
In 2010, Kassig took time off and began his certification as an emergency medical technician.
In the two years that followed, he fell in love, got married and quickly divorced. Devastated and heartbroken, he went back to school, but he couldn’t shake his depression.
“I needed a game changer,” he said.
He eventually traveled to Lebanon and founded SERA to deliver food and medical supplies to swelling refugee camps.
On October 1, 2013, he was “detained” on his way to Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria, his family said.
“Peter really believed that an individual can make a difference in the world through their love and compassion and intelligence,” said Margaret Brabant, Kassig’s college adviser and a professor at Butler Univeristy in Indianapolis. “… That is the message that I think Peter would want me to convey.”

-I do not believe what my government and other U.S agencies say regarding the quagmire that they have created in the Middle East, I just know that it has been done for the personal gain of the oligarchy and does not benefit the worker in the trenches. The primitives of those nations have mobilized against the poor hapless idiots stupid enough to sign their names on the line to defend elitism and will continue to behead the victims of the rich. Islam is not a religion of peace, as we forward-thinkers know, and has been stirred to action due to the greed of modern nations. Had we stayed out of these cesspools, the inhabitants would still be battling among themselves. Had we turned quickly to green energy and disarmed the oligarchs, there would be no oil sheiks today, they would have melted back into the desert to practice their atrocities on each other.

Religion poisons EVERYTHING and needs to be swept away for good. Unfortunately, I believe that our flawed greedy race will take itself out sooner than any dirty bomb or plague. The poor bastard above who put himself at risk to accomplish nothing in a complete toilet of a nation gets my pat on the back for being a great but misguided fellow. One can pontificate forever about the humanitarian aspect of what this guy did, but they can’t deny that many of these people have ended up in shallow graves without their goddamned heads. Consciously wading into these shitholes actually does no good at all and usually results in getting tortured an killed with all of your efforts being wiped away by your enemy. Aid workers build schools and Muslims blow them up which equates to pounding sand in a rathole. This poor bastard even converted to his captors’ ancient mythological poison and still got fucked in the process and there is still now one less aid worker alive to care for those who will go back and get killed anyway. 

I can get behind causes, but I sure as Hell won’t commit suicide to do so.


The reality of being an atheist.


Let’s be honest folks, being a realist who has feet planted firmly on the ground and doesn’t use crutches to support the psyche is really goddammed hard, ( goddamn spelled wrong on purpose ), just like goddammit. I am a logical, methodical, reasonable, skeptical, free-thinking person who is very aware of the idiocy firmly implanted in the genetic code of the human race. I stand on my own two feet analyzing peer reviewed data and using it as a guideline with which to live a life spent devoid of foolish fantasy that was designed to control illiterate goat herders. I live for the now, realizing that it could all end tomorrow, and I never delude myself into believing that there is a magical kingdom awaiting me after the worms eat my earthly flesh. I am not ignorant or naive.

Man has, over the years, created hundreds of thousands of gods in their own image to help them in their quest to find importance and relevance in an arena where they obviously are an incredibly insignificant part of reality. The earliest of humans gazed at the heavens and had small glimmers of wonder as to what was going on beyond themselves because of the  shear immensity of what they observed, and before modern science, the only thing that there was to do was to defer to the supernatural. In this world was born the first imaginary being that was responsible for the lightning, comets, flooding and strange things that went bump in the night. This was the extent of primitive thought. As the Fact of Evolution exerted itself upon the talking apes that are humanity, they began questioning the supernatural bullshit that was the standard and law of the time resulting in many an execution for heresy. The small number of free-thinkers and educated philosophers sowed the seeds of dissent and started the movement that would challenge the utter ignorance of believing that a sky fairy controlled the existence of corporeal beings here on Earth.

This continued over many generations of the human animal further demonstrating that only a small number of these beings could ever be forward logical thinkers who reject supernatural bullshit. The discoveries of science, you would think, should eliminate the need for incredibly insipid uninspired suppositions of magic ghosts in the sky ruling over humanity in absentee grandeur. Yes, thats right, if GOD is real, then why is HE soooo ineffectual as a power and so impotent as a deity? The leaders of this batshittery constantly refer to ‘Free will’ as the reason that GOD allows HIS followers to be slaughtered and reviled, but I say that maybe this GOD is just a crutch meant to lend significance to humanity and is possibly,(definitely), just a construct of man that has about the same power as a strong dog fart in a closed space. God makes you krinkle your nose, but only because the idea of HIM totally STINKS! In these modern days, just invoke HIS name and see what you get, NOTHING! Pray to HIM and what is the result? WASTED FUCKING TIME!!! Two hands working do more than a thousand clasped in prayer, FACT! Prove the existence of the great sky fairy, or even the great pumpkin, and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams! And why? Because HE does not exist and will never answer any request that you have no matter how small.

My angst evolves from my personality. This is completely based in logic and can be analyzed by current science available to every human on the planet but will be seized upon by the religious as a chink in the atheist armor, but I could care fucking less. I WISH that you crazy bastards were right! Hell, as I evolve as an atheist I get even more depressed that I am not a ‘Devil may care’ sort of person. The totally fucked thing is that I wish that I could delude myself as the religious have and believe that a life exists beyond this one where I will see my beautiful daughters and my son after we all are long gone. You religious educated people know in your heart of hearts that you are full of shit, but I still wish that I could give myself a god dose of fantasy and cognitive dissonance and believe the completely unreal fake bullshit that you do!

Don’t kid yourselves for one goddammed second. you people possess an uncanny ability to make the fake into reality and that is just fake shit supposed as real which accounts to complete bullshit! Religion IS complete bullshit designed to give significance to a race on the periphery of the galaxy on the periphery of the universe, on the periphery of eternity, proven to be insignificant in the scheme of things….no wonder that the race would concoct such a grand load of bullshit as a god to justify their existence. We truly don’t matter and most people cannot come to grips with this, including me! I do want to be relevant but cannot deny the mountains of proof that are to the contrary. I feel this way because of my connections to those that I have brought into this world, and because of the suffering that I have endured because of the pieces of shit that gave birth to me. They carelessly thrust me into a world of hard knocks, not caring that I would have to learn to fend for myself in a climate that eats unprepared rubes for sport just for the fuck of it!

I know, KNOW due to the incredible burden of proof that when the breath leaves this fragile bag of meat, then it is truly over and the physical as well as the supposed spiritual rots with the shell, PERIOD! There is no afterlife and no do-overs, we end this life with what we have and are never conscious again, that fucking sucks and is the finality that science has to offer with proof that cannot be denied. I want to exist in a candy land sugar coated asshole world of fantasy so that I can see my family forever, why do you think that humans created these fantasies in the first place? The complexities of our brains, over more base life forms, demand that we try to make sense of a world that gives us a finite existence. This is based in fear only and is a primitive auto-reaction practiced by complex creatures on the cusp of evolution that will bring us beyond this simplistic reactionary impulse that plagues intelligent primates. This means that some day the human race will evolve to accept that it has a pre-determined amount of time in existence and it will learn to embrace this reality and make the world a better place without the myth of a returning god to drive them. In other words, we will get beyond the need to create buffers to ally our fear of the dark and we will just face it without cowardice and idiocy.

Right now, I feel my mortality. I see that people are coming to the end of their lives and care for those that disease has hastened their eventual end and I am reminded that time is short. The faithful have that god delusion to assist them in their transition from life to the grave, and believe that they will meet their family members again in a place with roads paved in gold. As we logical people know, those legends cannot even hold up in a third world court of law. There is no evidence that god exists and the best known accounts jibe with several other man made scenarios involving a supernatural being of light meant to deliver humanity at the time of their death. To put a point on it, it’s all bullshit and we know it! If you put a nonsense spin on it, you have a supernatural being of complete impotence revered by a priesthood that benefits from the myth through financial and political means, fleecing an ignorant flock, fucking PERIOD!

Many apologist use the circular argument of “How do you know and how can you be certain, seeing as this reality is only what your five senses tell you it is?” This is an argument of desperation coming from a person who is using obvious myth to debate cold hard science. The facts remain that science is the only best way in which rational people explain things in this world and all other explanations remain in the realm of the supernatural and thats all that it will ever be. God will never create warp drive or travel inter dimensionally because science will be way ahead of this ancient myth produced only by the weak human being that also saw the need to create the fiction of an all powerful being presiding over humanity offering eternal life.

Our view of the universe and beyond is only that of scientific extrapolations which have provided laws of probability way more reliable than “God did it” and can predict many future advancements that mankind will take credit for and many more after that. Yaweh will, of course, be relegated to the dustbin of history and will be replaced by, yet another creation meant to allay the human need for significance beyond our physical finite bodies, but will hopefully be regarded as just as ridiculous as those imagined beings before. Morals, we have ’em, we always will, due to the evolution of the human mind. We ask ourselves what it would be like to trade places with those that we oppress and the answers are always the same, the life of the oppressed sucks ass and we should enact laws to prevent oppression. Those involved in religion would use circuitous argument to ask how we would know what was right or what benefits mankind. I say that we use the evolving mind of mankind to figure this out and that using the “God” stance is just a way out of using logic and reason and is a default reasoning when you refuse to look at the facts. God condones slavery, rape, misogyny, murder, incest and many other crimes against humanity and therefore many humans can claim a morality higher than that of the Christian god.

God sits on His hands as humans unravel His fuckups, so He cannot be all powerful as the Christians say. He is actually an impotent asshat who sits on His hands as horrific shit happens and seems to be cool with letting mere humans correct the dumb shit that He has done on purpose! GOD is an asshole if anyone could prove HIS existence! Fuck Him! Fuck Him with a big rubber dick!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish for an incompetent asshole to be real so that I could supplicate to Him and validate His impotent ass who I believe I am more moral than, I just would like to be able to see my family in an afterlife that did NOT include having to slog through a life trying to get my piece of the pie from ravening God fearing assholes who believe that they were ordained by God Himself to reign over the little people and steal all of their shit! I would like to be on the same level as everyone else and live in harmony forever with my wonderful wife and children. This world doesn’t exist. The reality of the matter is that we are finite organisms governed by the laws of organic matter and will eventually fade from this Earth as all organic matter has before us. We are just tall tale tellers that lie to ourselves while holding the crystal ball of life telling other lemmings when and where they will go. We know where we will go. Science provides all of the answers and religion provides the comedy relief! Science is based in reality and religion is based in the ridiculous.

I am an atheist, and I am firmly rooted in logic and reality and if any religious person comes along to refute this, I dare them to present a shred of proof as to the validity of their fictional deity, which always ends in failure for the deist. There is no proof and no spiritual ‘moment’ that you will have if you are a realist who believes in logic, reason and sensibility. Science is the best chance for man to continue, if they continue to believe in the bullshit of idiot gods, then they will continue to limit themselves based upon the doctrine of these human created constructs. I don’t hate GOD, I hate the irrationality of GOD and the doctrine that supports the myth. It holds back science and make people irrationally afraid to expose the lies.

Brittany Maynard-Most courageous!


(CNN) — Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old who said she had terminal brain cancer, took medication to end her life under Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act,” advocacy group Compassion & Choices said Sunday.
“Brittany chose to make a well thought out and informed choice to Die With Dignity in the face of such a terrible, painful, and incurable illness,” a post on her website said. “She moved to Oregon to pass away in a little yellow house she picked out in the beautiful city of Portland.”
In a statement, Compassion & Choices, an end-of-life choice advocacy group that has been working closely with Maynard, said she “died as she intended — peacefully in her bedroom, in the arms of her loved ones.”
Brittany Maynard’s journey
Maynard passed away Saturday, said the group, which released an official obituary.
The epitaph contained a final message from Maynard, who expressed a note of deep thanks to all of her supporters, whom she “sought out like water” during her life and illness.
“It is people who pause to appreciate life and give thanks who are happiest. If we change our thoughts, we change our world! Love and peace to you all,” she said.
Maynard graduated from University of California, Berkeley, and earned a Masters in Education from University of California, Irvine, according to the obituary. She was a world traveler who volunteered at a local animal rescue organization before her diagnosis and lived 29 years of “generosity, compassion, education, travel, and humor,” it said.
Maynard is survived by her husband and his family, her mother and stepfather.
“While she had longed for children of her own, she left this world with zero regrets on time spent, places been, or people she loved in her 29 years,” the obituary said.
Maynard ticks off last item on bucket list
Maynard’s story spread rapidly on social media as a video explaining her choice garnered more than 9 million views on YouTube.
She became a prominent spokeswoman for the “death with dignity” movement, which advocates that terminally ill patients be allowed to receive medication that will let them die on their own terms. She also became a lightning rod for criticism from people who oppose that approach.
“I quickly decided that death with dignity was the best option for me and my family,” Maynard wrote in an opinion column for CNN explaining her choice. “We had to uproot from California to Oregon, because Oregon is one of only five states where death with dignity is authorized.”
Maynard: I hope my family is proud of me Explaining ‘Death with Dignity’ law Brittany Maynard: I don’t want to die
In a video released last week, Maynard said she hadn’t yet decided when she would end her life.
“I still feel good enough, and I still have enough joy, and I still laugh and smile with my family and friends enough that it doesn’t seem like the right time right now. But it will come, because I feel myself getting sicker. It’s happening each week,” Maynard said in the video, which was produced by Compassion & Choices and released to CNN last Wednesday.
My mother deserved to ‘die with dignity’
Maynard said she had stage IV glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive form of terminal brain cancer.
When she first started speaking out about her decision, Maynard said that in early November she planned to take the medication she’d been prescribed. In her latest video, she said she was waiting to see how her symptoms progress before deciding on a date.
But taking too long to make that choice was one of her greatest fears, Maynard said.
“The worst thing that could happen to me is that I wait too long because I’m trying to seize each day,” she says, “but I somehow have my autonomy taken away from me by my disease, because of the nature of my cancer.”

-From a grateful blogmeister. Thank you Brittany, for being a shining beacon of courage and spirit, going against the religious brutality of man and forcing the closed-minded to keep their myth off of your decisions. Surely they will stand at their foul pulpits of backward expression and spin tales of you burning in an imaginary place created to subjugate illiterate goat herders of ancient yesteryear. Your actions speak to my heart that there are still several forward-thinking people left in this world of rabid ignorant pop culture who lived their lives to the fullest instead of in front of a T.V living vicariously through the actions of some stupid actor. The intelligent people of this world followed your journey in love and support and never for once judged you for the heartbreaking decision that you had to make at such a young age. 

In an age where idiots such as Ben Affleck criticize people like Bill Maher for telling the hard truth, there NEEDS to be more Brittany Maynards in this world. Unfortunately, the Honey Boo Boo trailer trash seems to outlive AND outbreed the intelligent people by about 20-1! A perfect example? 19 Kids and Counting, that horrible show starring the religious hillbillies that believe that an imaginary being wants them to overpopulate the planet and destroy it because they are too ignorant to believe that they are only talking monkeys! 

I salute you Ms. Maynard for living more in 29 years than some have in 80! You are my example and someone that I shall tell my children to emulate! 

Common Sense!


Experts: Quarantines may dissuade Ebola volunteers


Stricter quarantines for dealing with potential Ebola cases in the U.S. could discourage health workers from volunteering in the impacted West African countries, thereby making the outbreak harder to contain, experts say.

New York, New Jersey and Illinois announced mandatory 21-day quarantines for those arriving back in the United States after having direct contact with Ebola-infected individuals in West Africa. The outbreak — the largest in history — has left more than 10,000 people infected and nearly 5,000 dead, the World Health Organization announced Saturday.

“It may be politically the obvious thing to do but it may well be counterproductive,” said Stephen Morse, an epidemiology professor at Columbia University. “If people are forced to quarantine for three weeks that means most of them will not be able to do any sort of work and that means essentially lost income.”

The new mandates are also worrisome since people in the general public, if included in mandatory quarantines, may be less likely to come forward if they have symptoms because such measures will increase the stigma surrounding the virus, Morse added.

“We need to rethink this with science and reason,” said Robert Glatter, an emergency medicine physician at Lenox Hill Hospital, located in New York City’s Upper East Side. “It’s going to discourage health care workers from going out to the source, which is where we need to be.”

A health care worker — who treated Ebola patients in West Africa and is being quarantined at University Hospital in Newark, N.J. — tested negative for Ebola on Saturday, health officials said. The nurse revealed her identity as Kaci Hickox in a first-person story published Saturday by The Dallas Morning News, where she criticizes the treatment she received when she arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport on Friday.

“I am scared about how health care workers will be treated at airports when they declare that they have been fighting Ebola in West Africa,” Hickox writes. “I am scared that, like me, they will arrive and see a frenzy of disorganization, fear and, most frightening, quarantine.”

In announcing the new quarantine mandates, New York and New Jersey said they will work to establish an interview and screening process to determine a person’s risk level by considering where they traveled and their level of exposure to the virus.

“Depending on the risk level, a person could require mandatory 21-day quarantine, or at a government-regulated facility,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. “Low-risk would be regularly monitored for temperature and symptoms. Others will have a protocol developed to fit their particular circumstances.”

New York’s first Ebola patient is Craig Spencer, a 33-year-old emergency physician being treated in an isolation unit at Bellevue Hospital Center after he tested positive for virus Thursday. He recently returned from Guinea where he volunteered for international health care group Doctors without Borders.

Saturday night, New York health officials said Spencer had entered the “next phase of his illness, as anticipated with the appearance of gastrointestinal symptoms.” He is said to be awake and communicating.

Spencer’s treatment includes required supportive therapy as well as antiviral therapy which has been used at Emory University Hospital and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

“Our region is a dense region,” Cuomo said. “A ride on a train can affect hundreds of people. Several weeks of normal activity can affect several thousand individuals.”

While there have been no confirmed Ebola cases in Illinois, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn said he was enacting the measure because quarantines are “too important” to be voluntary.

“We must take every step necessary to ensure the people of Illinois are protected from potential exposure to the Ebola virus,” he said.

Morse said he expects other states will enact similar rules, adding the federal government might also get on board to take action as fear of the virus spreads.

“They will be under pressure to be seen as trying to ‘protect the public,'” Morse said of federal officials.

Still, the measures could provide peace of mind to a wary public, said Albert Wu, a professor of health policy and management and an attending physician at Johns Hopkins University.

“I suspect that this mandatory quarantine wouldn’t add very much except for providing reassurance for people panicked by the idea,” he said.

So far, 10,141 people in Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Spain and the United States have been infected by the disease, according to the World Health Organization. The group said 4,922 people have died from it.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” Glatter said. “There are many cases to come.”

Contributing: Raecine Williams

From the blogmeister- How about, this is the most responsible thing that I’ve seen two politicians do in years! If the volunteers cannot observe a common sense quarantine the I could care less if they are motivated to go on those missions! PC idiots need to get their heads out of their assess and quit miring common sense in politics and feel-good bullshit rhetoric! These “Experts” need a good kick in the ass and for the free thinkers to take EVERYTHING that these people say with great skepticism.