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(CNN)There seem to be two prerequisites for the modern U.S. presidency.

1. Being fabulously rich.

2. Successfully pretending you’re not.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz tried his hand at No. 2 last week as he announced his bid for the White House. With his back awkwardly turned to the TV cameras, and a drive-through-worker style microphone clipped to his ear, Cruz relayed a version of his life story, often in third person, to a student crowd at Liberty University in Virginia.

“Imagine another teenage boy being raised in Houston … experiencing challenges at home … heading off to school over 1,000 miles away from home in a place where he knew nobody. Where he was alone and scared. And his parents going through bankruptcy meant there was no financial support at home — so at the age of 17 he went to get two jobs to help pay his way through school. He took over $100,000 in school loans, loans I suspect a lot of y’all can relate to. Loans, that I’ll point out, I just paid off a few years ago.”

Poor Cruz.

All those loans.

Good thing he’s estimated to be worth $1.8 million to $3.5 million.

And he’s not the wealthiest person whose name has been thrown into the hat as a potential candidate for 2016, according to estimates compiled by Crowdpac, a nonpartisan website that aggregates stats about potential political candidates.

Crowdpac estimates Hillary Clinton’s net worth to be $21.5 million (more if you include Bill). Jeb Bush’s: $10 million. Even Elizabeth Warren, enemy of Wall Street, champion of populist financial-sector reform, is estimated to be worth $3.7 million to $10 million, according to CNN Money.

Of the 26 potential candidates identified by Crowdpac, only four — Joe Biden, Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders and Mike Pence — are estimated to be worth less than $1 million.

With a net worth of $150,000, Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, is perhaps the middle-classiest of the bunch. But don’t worry, his campaign would have backing from the billionaire Koch brothers and Steve Forbes, according to The Washington Post. He’s also little-known and has basically no chance of winning the increasingly claustrophobic Republican primary.

(“Too many cooks,” anyone?)

Apart from Cruz, no one has officially declared for president, so the names of those who may run are still largely a matter of speculation. Still, these folks deserve examination. The richest potential contenders are Rick Snyder, a former venture capitalist (net worth: $200 million); Al Gore (also $200 million); and Carly Fiorina, a former tech executive (net worth: $80 million).

So, mostly millionaires.

And two almost-quarter-billionaires.

These folks may want to represent an America where median wealth is only $44,900. Meanwhile, the national median income is about $54,000 per year, and one in five children lives below the federal poverty line, which is about $24,000 annually for a family of four.

The gap between rich and poor in the United States has been growing since the 1970s — and it’swider than in almost any other industrialized country. (Iran and Nigeria are better.)

None of these would-be candidates can claim to represent that America.

None comes close.

When presidents were of modest means

It’s time for a middle-class president.

Or, at the very least, a middle-class presidential candidate.

It’s not impossible, and there would be important benefits.

First, we just have to look to the past to see that it can be done.

“The interesting thing about the (idea) of a middle-class president is that it’s actually relatively common in certain periods of American history,” said Jeffrey A. Engel, director of the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. “If we define (the middle class) essentially as someone who does not have exorbitant wealth, or does not inherit exorbitant wealth … there’s a period from basically about the mid-19th century up until 1920 where the majority of presidents are what we could consider to be of modest means.”

You can think of the history of presidential wealth in three waves.

Wave one: Landholdings and slaves made the first presidents incredibly rich. George Washington, for example, is estimated to have been worth $525 million in today’s dollars, making him the second wealthiest president in U.S. history, after John F. Kennedy.

(No need to repeat that era.)

Wave two ushers in the rise of the powerful (and rich) political party. There are downsides to this, of course, but, according to Engel, it helped civil servant types — “professional presidents,” as he called them — successfully run for office without being loaded.

Think Lincoln. Or, later, and somewhat separately, Harry S. Truman, who grew up poor and refused to let this nation’s highest office make him rich, turning away money for speaking engagements and advertisements, and refusing to sit on corporate boards.

Engel said he’d traveled to Missouri to see the home Truman lived in after he left the White House, which was actually owned by his mother-in-law, he said. In the kitchen, near the breakfast table, “you look up and you see a water stain on the ceiling because no one had the money to fix the water stain on the ceiling,” he told me. “It’s hard to imagine George W. Bush doing that.”

Not since Truman has a president been worth less than $1 million, according to data compiled by 24/7 Wall Street, which is the basis for the historical figures I’m using.

Now we’re in Wave three: the era when you kinda need to be a millionaire.

Engel says we can thank the decline of powerful political parties; the rise of expensive, media-heavy campaigns; and campaign finance changes, enabled by court decisions, that allow essentially for unlimited donations to political campaigns, favoring the wealthy and connected.

Wealth is a prerequisite

“Wealth and influence has always been an asset,” Engel said. “In the last two generations, we have seen that wealth and influence are prerequisite to entry to politics in a fundamentally new way. … Over the last 30 years, and especially over the last five years or so, we’ve seen such an incredible skyrocketing of the cost of entry to politics that we’re simply not getting a good cross section of Americans even conceiving of the fact that they might run” for office.

There’s no reason to expect a middle-class president would automatically — by merit of his or her income alone — support policies that would benefit middle-class people.

FDR, for example, was among the richest presidents (net worth: $60 million), and also arguably the most pro-middle-class. His presidential terms, which saw the country through the Great Depression of the 1930s, resulted in the federal minimum wage and Social Security.

“We have (presidents) who are very, very wealthy who wind up being on the side of the poor,” Engel told me, “and we have people who grew up with remarkable poverty — Herbert Hoover is a good example — who end up being economically conservative.”

Still, a middle-class presidential candidate could help Americans re-engage with a political system that many see as hopelessly corrupted by money.

Recently, I asked Facebook about the idea of a middle-class president.

Many of you find the idea inconceivable.

Your reasons were telling.

“The only way we’ll get a Middle Class candidate … is if he wins Lottery,” wrote Bryan Booten.

“The problem with someone from the middle class running for president,” said Gwenith Acor, “is that in order to be a viable candidate you would have to sell your soul to the billionaires. …”

“There should be a middle class president,” wrote Chad Oliver. “No one in the government is representative of the people governed … There is no way a middle class person could become any elected official without selling his soul to the devil. It just takes too much money.”

Why wouldn’t you feel that way?

Interests aligned with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney each spent more than $1 billion trying to elect these men as president in 2012. How could a middle-class person (much less a poor one) rally that much cash? Maybe it’s possible, with enough wealthy friends. But it’s less likely for a middle class person to be able to infiltrate this world of the super-wealthy.

The real meaning is in the symbolism, though.

A middle-class candidate also could have the effect of encouraging young people from all ends of the economic spectrum to see a future for themselves in politics.

I believe Engel when he says most people see politics as out of reach.

And that’s partly because of the money involved.

Think of the future world leaders we’re shunning simply because they aren’t rich.

Is that the most we expect from democracy?

The value of a symbol

I’ll stop complaining for now and end with a suggestion.

What if just one of the 2016 potential presidential candidates vowed to live as if he or she were a middle-class person during the campaign season and while in office.

This shouldn’t seem like a death sentence. It’s what most of us do.

This candidate could take a cue from the former President of Uruguay, José Mujica, who reportedly gave away 90% of his salary to charitable organizations — and lived in a farmhouse rather than a palace.

Or from Pope Francis, who drove a junker car and requested modest living quarters. Or from Truman, who shunned money associated with the presidency and had that water stain in his kitchen. (For this to work, this future president would have to give back some money, since the $400,000 presidential salary puts that person in the 1%.)

The candidates love to pretend they live in modern, middle-class America.

They don’t, but they could take real steps to learn what it’s like.

Uh, yeah man, I’ve been saying this for the past 15 years and NOW articles are hitting the main stream about how rich people can’t ever claim to know what a working person’s needs are? When your leaders are buying multiple residences and cars and paying cash for them, they have absolutely NO IDEA what it is like to have day to day bills and a mortgage to pay. When they hob nob with the other wealthy out of touch bastards that line their pockets with our money, they can never effectively govern in a way that creates pro-average citizen finance laws! The laws need to be set up to care fpr the core producers in the nation; the middle class!

Education needs to be socialized to level the playing field and encourage upward mobility and any social program for the poor needs to be centered on educating and finding them jobs. Subsidies are needed for child care to get people from the bottom to a livable rung on the ladder. Birth needs to be controlled to prevent people on assistance from having additional children that they cannot support. Some of these things may sound draconian, but it is pure and simple rote logic and is a must to return this country to a robust economy with rewards for all of it’s people and not just the 1%. Corporations and churches need to be forced to pay their fair share of taxes and a new foreign business model needs to be developed that includes stiff tariffs on goods coming in to the country. THIS is just the start, THEN we should be thinking about totally socializing medicine but still paying our health care workers well for being YOUR life savers! Lets see LaBron James perform CPR on you on your way to get a cardiac catheterization for a massive heart attack! Oh yeah, thats right, he’s not a nurse OR a doctor, but MAN he sure can play a child’s game to incredible perfection!

Armchair Quarterbacks, or assholes with big mouths.


In the spirit of Tim Minchin’s ‘Fuck the Motherfucker’ I would like to second that sentiment in saying fuck the motherfucker that talks a big talk and doesn’t walk the walk. Fuck you because you are a cowardly nit-picking asshole who has settled into being an old fucking intolerant bastard who can’t let people do things their way because it actually causes you physical pain NOT to be a nit-picking little bitch and criticize other people’s way of doing shit! You are the asshole that has no friends and sits in front of the TV for 12 hours a day pontificating about shit that you see on the magic box because you lack the vision to formulate your own thoughts independently from that of popular media.

You are a flavorless vacuum-headed follower that believes that because you listen to Free-Speech TV that you are all of a sudden relevant to the world stage of politics, well, you are just an arm chair quarterback still too scared to actually participate in real life and let your voice be heard. You would rather bullshit and pontificate about things than actually do something about it because that would prove that you are actually NOT a coward who has done nothing in life but shoot off his fucking mouth! Oh, but this is actually the truth! You are nothing but an ineffectual mouthpiece who cannot shut your goddamned piehole long enough to listen to those who are actually important in this life and have actually sacrificed something for others, unlike yourself, who exercised cowardice in everything that you have done!

As you can see, this post is a rant against someone who I am pressured to keep quiet about due to the idiotic constraints of etiquette. I am forced, by family bond, to allow this idiot a platform with which to spew his lack of knowledge. I will use this opportunity to up the drama factor of my blog while being forced to endure this complete idiot asshole, self-serving prick of a person who has done absolutely everything to make himself the failure in life that he is today. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, mommy-daddy issues, running out on his family, physical and emotional abuse to them, low self-esteem. This person used to be able to use his imposing stature to bully those smaller than himself, and now that he can no longer do this, he uses intolerance and anger to intimidate. He used to be the racist Republican before he fell from grace, but now that he let his business be destroyed he is now a far left Democrat who blames the Republicans for the fact that he could barely use E-Mail and any other technology that would have helped his business survive.

These people have been some of the glowing examples of why I am an atheist because when this man was earning money, he was a theist, but when things didn’t go his way then he all of a sudden didn’t believe in god. I believe in second chances, but I also believe that the desperate tend to turn to god because of their weak nature and inability to control their own addiction. I, myself, can identify as an alcoholic because I am a micro brew enthusiast, which equates to a person who loves to drink too goddammed much beer. The micro-brew movement is, very soon, going to find many of it’s followers in rehab or in self-imposed cutbacks after it is revealed that we are no better than the binge drinkers described in the journals of psychiatry.

I can control my addiction, that is what differentiates me from the others. We go about our lives drinking but not beating our spouses and fucking off on our jobs unlike those who use excuses to run every aspect of their lives. I hold them responsible for their actions and don’t cut slack for the shit that they have caused because that would throw personal responsibility out the window. I hold bad addicts responsible for their actions and laud them for recovery, but say fuck them if they try to say that the shit that they did was someone else’s fault. Some of these addictions, I believe, are Mother Nature’s effort to trim the species and so are virulent diseases. We were not meant to have 7 billion people on the Earth, let alone the 14 billion that is to come, and we need to stop considering it altruistic to save everyone on the face of the Earth. This is just fucking ludicrous. Bad shit happens and many will deal with it through vices. Some will fall and will die from them, this is life goddammit!

I have zero tolerance of broken people who try to exert their relevance by putting their fucking feet in their mouths, fuck them! I will continue to Captain Kirk it by changing the rules to favor my own decisions. I will continue to champion the causes of children because they are not responsible for the retards who arbitrarily bring them into a world like this one. I will continue to pass out flyers in an effort to bring human slaves home and to prevent this travesty from happening, but I truly believe that if someone or someones burst into these places of slavery and slaughtered the pieces of shit responsible, then the world would be a better place. Fuck these assholes who sit in their chairs spouting shit about what should be, if you are not a person of action then fuck you in your fucking stupid ass, you fucking fuck!!

The reality of being an atheist.


Let’s be honest folks, being a realist who has feet planted firmly on the ground and doesn’t use crutches to support the psyche is really goddammed hard, ( goddamn spelled wrong on purpose ), just like goddammit. I am a logical, methodical, reasonable, skeptical, free-thinking person who is very aware of the idiocy firmly implanted in the genetic code of the human race. I stand on my own two feet analyzing peer reviewed data and using it as a guideline with which to live a life spent devoid of foolish fantasy that was designed to control illiterate goat herders. I live for the now, realizing that it could all end tomorrow, and I never delude myself into believing that there is a magical kingdom awaiting me after the worms eat my earthly flesh. I am not ignorant or naive.

Man has, over the years, created hundreds of thousands of gods in their own image to help them in their quest to find importance and relevance in an arena where they obviously are an incredibly insignificant part of reality. The earliest of humans gazed at the heavens and had small glimmers of wonder as to what was going on beyond themselves because of the  shear immensity of what they observed, and before modern science, the only thing that there was to do was to defer to the supernatural. In this world was born the first imaginary being that was responsible for the lightning, comets, flooding and strange things that went bump in the night. This was the extent of primitive thought. As the Fact of Evolution exerted itself upon the talking apes that are humanity, they began questioning the supernatural bullshit that was the standard and law of the time resulting in many an execution for heresy. The small number of free-thinkers and educated philosophers sowed the seeds of dissent and started the movement that would challenge the utter ignorance of believing that a sky fairy controlled the existence of corporeal beings here on Earth.

This continued over many generations of the human animal further demonstrating that only a small number of these beings could ever be forward logical thinkers who reject supernatural bullshit. The discoveries of science, you would think, should eliminate the need for incredibly insipid uninspired suppositions of magic ghosts in the sky ruling over humanity in absentee grandeur. Yes, thats right, if GOD is real, then why is HE soooo ineffectual as a power and so impotent as a deity? The leaders of this batshittery constantly refer to ‘Free will’ as the reason that GOD allows HIS followers to be slaughtered and reviled, but I say that maybe this GOD is just a crutch meant to lend significance to humanity and is possibly,(definitely), just a construct of man that has about the same power as a strong dog fart in a closed space. God makes you krinkle your nose, but only because the idea of HIM totally STINKS! In these modern days, just invoke HIS name and see what you get, NOTHING! Pray to HIM and what is the result? WASTED FUCKING TIME!!! Two hands working do more than a thousand clasped in prayer, FACT! Prove the existence of the great sky fairy, or even the great pumpkin, and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams! And why? Because HE does not exist and will never answer any request that you have no matter how small.

My angst evolves from my personality. This is completely based in logic and can be analyzed by current science available to every human on the planet but will be seized upon by the religious as a chink in the atheist armor, but I could care fucking less. I WISH that you crazy bastards were right! Hell, as I evolve as an atheist I get even more depressed that I am not a ‘Devil may care’ sort of person. The totally fucked thing is that I wish that I could delude myself as the religious have and believe that a life exists beyond this one where I will see my beautiful daughters and my son after we all are long gone. You religious educated people know in your heart of hearts that you are full of shit, but I still wish that I could give myself a god dose of fantasy and cognitive dissonance and believe the completely unreal fake bullshit that you do!

Don’t kid yourselves for one goddammed second. you people possess an uncanny ability to make the fake into reality and that is just fake shit supposed as real which accounts to complete bullshit! Religion IS complete bullshit designed to give significance to a race on the periphery of the galaxy on the periphery of the universe, on the periphery of eternity, proven to be insignificant in the scheme of things….no wonder that the race would concoct such a grand load of bullshit as a god to justify their existence. We truly don’t matter and most people cannot come to grips with this, including me! I do want to be relevant but cannot deny the mountains of proof that are to the contrary. I feel this way because of my connections to those that I have brought into this world, and because of the suffering that I have endured because of the pieces of shit that gave birth to me. They carelessly thrust me into a world of hard knocks, not caring that I would have to learn to fend for myself in a climate that eats unprepared rubes for sport just for the fuck of it!

I know, KNOW due to the incredible burden of proof that when the breath leaves this fragile bag of meat, then it is truly over and the physical as well as the supposed spiritual rots with the shell, PERIOD! There is no afterlife and no do-overs, we end this life with what we have and are never conscious again, that fucking sucks and is the finality that science has to offer with proof that cannot be denied. I want to exist in a candy land sugar coated asshole world of fantasy so that I can see my family forever, why do you think that humans created these fantasies in the first place? The complexities of our brains, over more base life forms, demand that we try to make sense of a world that gives us a finite existence. This is based in fear only and is a primitive auto-reaction practiced by complex creatures on the cusp of evolution that will bring us beyond this simplistic reactionary impulse that plagues intelligent primates. This means that some day the human race will evolve to accept that it has a pre-determined amount of time in existence and it will learn to embrace this reality and make the world a better place without the myth of a returning god to drive them. In other words, we will get beyond the need to create buffers to ally our fear of the dark and we will just face it without cowardice and idiocy.

Right now, I feel my mortality. I see that people are coming to the end of their lives and care for those that disease has hastened their eventual end and I am reminded that time is short. The faithful have that god delusion to assist them in their transition from life to the grave, and believe that they will meet their family members again in a place with roads paved in gold. As we logical people know, those legends cannot even hold up in a third world court of law. There is no evidence that god exists and the best known accounts jibe with several other man made scenarios involving a supernatural being of light meant to deliver humanity at the time of their death. To put a point on it, it’s all bullshit and we know it! If you put a nonsense spin on it, you have a supernatural being of complete impotence revered by a priesthood that benefits from the myth through financial and political means, fleecing an ignorant flock, fucking PERIOD!

Many apologist use the circular argument of “How do you know and how can you be certain, seeing as this reality is only what your five senses tell you it is?” This is an argument of desperation coming from a person who is using obvious myth to debate cold hard science. The facts remain that science is the only best way in which rational people explain things in this world and all other explanations remain in the realm of the supernatural and thats all that it will ever be. God will never create warp drive or travel inter dimensionally because science will be way ahead of this ancient myth produced only by the weak human being that also saw the need to create the fiction of an all powerful being presiding over humanity offering eternal life.

Our view of the universe and beyond is only that of scientific extrapolations which have provided laws of probability way more reliable than “God did it” and can predict many future advancements that mankind will take credit for and many more after that. Yaweh will, of course, be relegated to the dustbin of history and will be replaced by, yet another creation meant to allay the human need for significance beyond our physical finite bodies, but will hopefully be regarded as just as ridiculous as those imagined beings before. Morals, we have ’em, we always will, due to the evolution of the human mind. We ask ourselves what it would be like to trade places with those that we oppress and the answers are always the same, the life of the oppressed sucks ass and we should enact laws to prevent oppression. Those involved in religion would use circuitous argument to ask how we would know what was right or what benefits mankind. I say that we use the evolving mind of mankind to figure this out and that using the “God” stance is just a way out of using logic and reason and is a default reasoning when you refuse to look at the facts. God condones slavery, rape, misogyny, murder, incest and many other crimes against humanity and therefore many humans can claim a morality higher than that of the Christian god.

God sits on His hands as humans unravel His fuckups, so He cannot be all powerful as the Christians say. He is actually an impotent asshat who sits on His hands as horrific shit happens and seems to be cool with letting mere humans correct the dumb shit that He has done on purpose! GOD is an asshole if anyone could prove HIS existence! Fuck Him! Fuck Him with a big rubber dick!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish for an incompetent asshole to be real so that I could supplicate to Him and validate His impotent ass who I believe I am more moral than, I just would like to be able to see my family in an afterlife that did NOT include having to slog through a life trying to get my piece of the pie from ravening God fearing assholes who believe that they were ordained by God Himself to reign over the little people and steal all of their shit! I would like to be on the same level as everyone else and live in harmony forever with my wonderful wife and children. This world doesn’t exist. The reality of the matter is that we are finite organisms governed by the laws of organic matter and will eventually fade from this Earth as all organic matter has before us. We are just tall tale tellers that lie to ourselves while holding the crystal ball of life telling other lemmings when and where they will go. We know where we will go. Science provides all of the answers and religion provides the comedy relief! Science is based in reality and religion is based in the ridiculous.

I am an atheist, and I am firmly rooted in logic and reality and if any religious person comes along to refute this, I dare them to present a shred of proof as to the validity of their fictional deity, which always ends in failure for the deist. There is no proof and no spiritual ‘moment’ that you will have if you are a realist who believes in logic, reason and sensibility. Science is the best chance for man to continue, if they continue to believe in the bullshit of idiot gods, then they will continue to limit themselves based upon the doctrine of these human created constructs. I don’t hate GOD, I hate the irrationality of GOD and the doctrine that supports the myth. It holds back science and make people irrationally afraid to expose the lies.



The scary part of these mid term elections is that most of the people believe that either party works for them! Too bad. The idiocy will continue whether Republican OR Democrats are in the driver’s seat. All that these politicians care about is the special interests that they sold out to BEFORE they got elected and when this group is gone, they will fill million dollar consulting jobs promised to them by the billionaires that they are on the take for. Money and power control our political system just as it does in third world countries, we just are a bit nicer about it and don’t publicly shoot politicians that we are dissatisfied with or mount coups to oust political parties.

Muddy the waters


The following concerns the issues that everyone seems to be fighting over that I believe are being employed to create a smoke screen to obscure malevolent motives. It is no secret that the rich are getting richer and the Republicans, while getting poorer, defend their Machiavellian overlords’ intentions. Working Republicans seemingly in love with their poverty, defend high ranking superiors that commit crime after crime to corner everyone’s piece of the financial pie, leaving these fools destitute and loving every minute of it! Poor conservatives fight for the affluent and rich ones line their already burgeoning pocket and offshore accounts at the expense of these foolish supporters all the while railing against the Liberals and cloaking themselves in the American flag.

Liberal Democrats steal away to their fashionable coffee shops and boutiques cursing the Republican machine while impotently waiving the flag of dissent. Their leadership takes the same moneys and support behind their back and feeds them the vitriol to use against the Republican avarice and greed. The intent is the same but the parties have different names. When it comes to money, the top 1% have the most and the ranks are composed of both avowed Liberals and Conservatives with bulging pockets obtained from the sweat of the working man’s brow, they are just too stupid to see the obvious signs. This is groupthink, sheeple mentality, reality show viewers, people that if presented with social pressure, cave to the group opinion.

I see this every day when I hear both Libs and Cons talk about their media icons and their devotions to social media. I see it in the way that they appear as glassy eyed lemmings when texting and walking, looking down while walking full-tilt into an oncoming crowd, in the way that they do this while blindly walking into intersections lulled to sleep by their iPhones. People on BOTH sides are asleep and are not taking offense to the cold hard fact that it is THEIR fault that the recession, wars and surveillance on private conversation happened on Democrat AND Republican watch! This is a country for the people by the people with a population that lacks the backbone to stand up against the tyranny of it’s own Government! We have the power, we are just bogged down in peripheral issues designed to render us blind to the looting of power at the highest echelons of leadership. These people that we are foolishly entrusting with our children’s future work for the corporate interest which, in turn, ensures that modern day kings will stay in power for generation after generation.

The lottery will not save things unless sending rich people’s children to college is salvation. Saving won’t make a difference with corporations influencing the markets in their favor; the common man just looses money that funnels directly into the pockets of people that are already fabulously wealthy! Many savings plans are dependent on the stock market, and we all know how the recession ended so many of those dreams. The cost of housing continues to trend up, lining the real estate owners/banks pockets while people die owing a huge mortgage that was never designed to be paid off, thus the bank reacquires the property unless the children can bail out this boondoggle legacy. Most can forget retirement, the corporations are making sure that with the destruction of our public school system, the dummies that it produces will be too dim to throw off the slave labor yoke. The super conglomerates will soon have an immense pool of under educated slaves to put to the grind all courtesy of the Republicans and Democrats being too busy proving each other wrong to end the real and imminent danger.

The issues currently being fought over are abortion, which is a woman’s right, guns, which need better control laws, the death penalty, which we wouldn’t need if they would eliminate the number of scumbag lawyers, racism, which is the by product of Gawd luvvin’ mostly Republican idiocy, finance, which is now the victim of selfish greedy bastards from ALL strata. People are just so busy with foolish infighting to see that they are being played like suckers at a carnival game! If they could come together to eject the current batch of scumbag lawyers and install people that truly represent the majority of the U.S, most of these issues could be resolved. A rich man can NEVER know what the common man needs because they have no idea what it is like to want for money to pay the mortgage.

Mitt Romney, while running for President was busy installing an elevator in his new house to get his cars from the underground garage to the surface! What in the HELL does this have to do with the common man?! How did our presidency become a legacy to pass down from generation to generation as with a monarchy?! Bush 1? Bush 2? By the grace of being a legacy kid, we got a two term community college mentality moron who believes that Adam and Eve existed in a mythological garden and kept company with a talking snake! “Why Jeeziz and Gawd…they’re partimmuh forn policy.” Tha fuck man? What is the next step in all of this? “Fuck man, washed outta school, got a heroin problem, sicka people tellin’ me what to do….Shit I’m just gonna run for President because I’m the son of Gee Dubya Bee! I guess it’s time to go back to England and admit that we can’t make it without the monarchy!

Clouds. We are being obscured by a smoke screen from both parties that are selling us out to the highest bidder as we sit on our hand giving our blessing by complacency! Can we ignore the peripheral issues for a minute and call out these assholes who are profiting off of our misery? Can we wake up for a minute to see the shackles that they have placed on us in our slumber? I don’t know. Every time I see some idiot rushing home to catch The Real Housewives of I-don’t-give-a-fuck, I am reminded that people are scared of the truth and would rather swallow a whole bottle of Blue Pills rather than face the hard realities. ‘Plug me back into the Matrix. I wanna be someone famous, like an actor or somethin.’ I don’t wanna remember nothin.’


Agnostics- “Atheists without balls.” -John Stewart


I often wonder, in my tiny scientific mind, why the major religions are not concerned over the growing tide of agnosticism in the civilized world. Every year hundreds of thousands of people who do not buy into Bronze-Age mythology identify themselves as ‘Agnostic.’ These people describe themselves as spiritual but not aligned with any religious belief. When I speak at length with agnostics, I find that they do not really believe in any of man’s suppositions and dogma, just in the tenets of being good to each other, and that they don’t know for certain that there are absolutely no higher beings. These folks state VERY often that they do not buy the bullshit that Christianity, Judaism or Islam is trying to sell them. They stay in the eaves awaiting PROOF that any of these myths has basis and do not hold out any hope that the GOD or GODS of Abraham are true in any form.

The comedian John Stewart calls them atheists without balls because these people do not believe in any GODS, but are still spiritual in soul and doubtful of mans deist construct; Yaweh. Now if I sat on the Golden Throne like the Pope, or had power in the other mythological bastions of Christian power, than I would be very afraid of these rabble rousers! They DON’T believe in the LORD THY MYTH! Don’t be comforted by people that claim to be ‘spiritual’ because all that they are saying is that they haven’t taken the final step to non-belief, but most of them eventually will! Why? Because they really don’t believe in GOD and you christians goddamned well know it, so put the atheist numbers at more like 40% of the civilized population! Agnostics DON’T believe in your god! Don’t you get it? I fucking LOVE that so many people say that they are agnostic, because they are really saying that they don’t buy the defined GOD thing! OUTSTANDING! We have actually won the numbers game due to the fact that more than 50% of the population of the civilized world will actually not take their commands from the tower of complete myth and superstition! 

These people will finally admit that they adhere to a moral policy because it is the right thing to do and not because a foolish piece of shit mythological Bible tells them what to do! The Christian God is one of the most amoral, savage, barbaric throwback redneck myths to follow if there ever was one! The smart people claim agnosticism because they can’t believe the simple minded savagery of the God of Abraham! Advanced people will abandon this stupid redneck throwback god due to the lack of scientific evidence and will be better because of it. God does not exist and neither does the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus! Get off of it Christians and others, you have lost! The agnostics are the future atheists! 

Bush the older and fanatical!


And Pres. Reagan’s successor, George H.W. Bush, in a 1987 interview at O’Hare Airport:

Sherman: What will you do to win the votes of the Americans who are atheists?

Bush: I guess I’m pretty weak in the atheist community. Faith in God is important to me.

Sherman: Surely you recognize the equal citizenship and patriotism of Americans who are atheists?

Bush: No, I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.

Sherman (somewhat taken aback): Do you support as a sound constitutional principle the separation of state and church?

Bush: Yes, I support the separation of church and state. I’m just not very high on atheists.
1 Dec 4:11 PM
And THIS folks, is why George Sr. is a total dick! Not only is he an elitist prick, but he is a war profiteer with the blood of thousands on his greedy amoral hands! I’ll take atheism over his brand of myth loving bullshit any day!



Hey you light bulb headed son of a bitch! No fucking war in Syria! I don’t know about your rich corporate purchased ass, but $16 Trillion in debt is quite enough thank you! You pack of ravenous wolf assholes sit by while trading with countries that traffic human beings right under your nose, send us food that requires no inspection, work children in sweat shops and ship out pet food with arsenic in it. The only reason that you want to go into Syria is for some corporate or political benefit! 

The bold truth is that it is not moral to destroy our country by playing world policeman! More children die in third world nations in a week than have died in the two years of Syrian civil conflict, so why all of a sudden is war on the table? Come on! Give us a patented Obamalama “It’s the right thing to do.” answer! Go ahead! I would like to hear this self-serving lie! The U.S hasn’t recovered from the recession, there are a record number of American children going hungry and being beaten to death by abusive parents. I’m just wondering when your self righteous ass is gonna spend a little of MY money taking care of problems in MY country? Maybe use some of the money allotted to the NSA for solving some problems instead of letting them use it to watch me slap the salami in my own bathroom? Hows about donating your enormous head to science so that they can turn it into a huge light bulb? They could even use that huge melon of yours to house a family of five! The religious right(wrong), wants this because they don’t care about anything but right wing bullshit AND they believe that their gawd wants us to kill non believers at all costs(Muslims). Also, these idiots actually claim to speak to something that can’t be heard or seen! Psycooooo!

Don’t get me wrong, I hated your predecessor as well! He was just a tractable dumb legacy kid who would have failed the entrance exam to Bubba’s Cookin’ Cawlidge. The Demoncrats AND the Republotards are all bought and paid for and only have their own corporate interests in mind. Lawyers, lawyers, fucking scumbag lawyers all of them! As long as scumbag lawyers control the nation, we will never have a system of fairness and democracy. If you have to spend a kings ransom to secure decent representation then the injustice system is broken, so why would you trust a stinking lawyer to tell you the truth on Syria?! Anyway, think about it very carefully. Bush lied about Iraq and all of you were sorry, what is different about this one? Also, Saddam gassed the Kurds and America was aware and just sat by and did nothing! Things haven’t changed, Obama just sees an angle for his corporate masters! I will go now and speak out again later. Thank you friends. I don’t write this because I don’t care about the children, I write because the Hope & Change asshole is blowing smoke about the real agenda behind his wanting to destroy the nation financially by getting into another never ending conflict. Lies, lies, lies yeah!