Hi God!!


Hey God!

Me again. I forgot to thank you today for inflicting your plan on the Washington mud slide victims of all ages, including a baby, that was creative! Let’s not forget the 200+ victims of flight 370. Hey, your loyal follower Jane says hi and thanks for the uterine cancer to strengthen her faith in you even though she probably won’t survive it, there’s that, mmmhmmm. I saw the most inspiring thing the other day at the children’s hospital, a mother wheeling around her critically ill toddler in a wagon while holding your word in her other hand, thanks for not disclosing your plan to THAT person! Hey it’s all part of your grand plan man! You got a plan Homie! There’s just that TINY part of not telling those that you inflict it upon that bothers me, I dunno, call it a respect thing if you will. I didn’t walk up to an old lady, whop her upside the head and run so I wuz thinkin’ that you probably shouldn’t either…juuuust sayin.’ God?? God? Are you listening? Hmmm, sometimes I get the feeling that you just don’t exist!

Love and respect