GMO and corporate farming.


I’m not trying to go overboard on the organic food thing, but I saw a few documentaries that I researched for factual evidence and was shocked at what I found. I already knew that mussels and shrimp from Asia were processed in unsanitary conditions, but why had I EVER expected them to observe any sort of standard on other exports of goods? The truth is is that our best trading partner, China, is poisoning us with food raised on animal feces and that is polluted with other deadly chemicals. 

Atheists value reason and logic and should examine all things with these standards. We are supposed to be a cut above the lemming populace, but by ignoring what is put in the body, people reduce themselves to followers of the status quo. As forward thinkers we are supposed to question everything and do research that others are afraid to do to. Food is just one part of that. Please use these articles to make informed decisions and continue to press the Fed to properly label food. Remember, you are what you eat and if what you eat is full of shit then… well you have it!