Evolutionist gets owned by Creationist? Really?


In this video you see a confident creationist explaining his beliefs but STILL without a shred of proof. He states that the Young Earth explanation in the bible is exactly right and that it is a literal interpretation of god’s word. This, of course, is completely ridiculous to believe in an age of reason AND logically cannot stand as an argument without the most important thing, PROOF!
Faith in something that you cannot see is a refuge of the weak sheep-like masses who await their next instructions from the great talking square in the living room. The above video further illustrates how people can be tricked into believing in myths. The Creationist neither ‘owns’ nor imparts anything that logical people don’t already know; that religion is just another opiate for controlling the masses!

The late great Carl Sagan


One of the most stirring oratories pointing to the arrogance of creationists. This whole universe being constructed by God for a speck of a species such as humanity!

Good sites to visit from reasonedrants.com





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The biggest task for the religious will be to explain how artificial life forms will be able to have personalities and appear to have individuality. I know that this is a long way off but they need to realize that it WILL happen. The more pressing issue that threatens them is when a human clone is psychologically tested and deemed to be no different than any other human being. Clones will have ‘souls’ which will fly against everything that is said in most religious text. Hopefully, we will be good stewards of this technology. Religious leaders, on the other hand, are going to have to put on their thinking caps and come up with more creative fairy tales to hoodoo the disenchanted beliebers. ( yes, I called them beliebers because they are just as idiotic ).