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I can no longer justify being a militant atheist in the wake of the Thinking Atheist episode featuring the beautiful, perfect, intelligent Cara Santa Maria. I have followed her since Huffington Posts Talk Nerdy to me section, and have followed her into the podcast verse on Talk Nerdy. She has made the very intelligent argument about the benefit of talking to theists as opposed to üUattacking them and has struck a chord. I have normally been a militant anti-theist but have found that as I evolve as a human being, I really don’t want to offend as much as I want to educate.

I want more people to reject theism based upon it’s lack of evidence more than I want to lock horns with them. Theists CAN be turned to sense as proven by the Seventh Day Adventist minister who has recently lost his faith due to following common sense. Most smart people don’t want to be sniveling idiot followers like the Duggars, who do as the church says and pollutes the gene pool with mega-copies of their flawed country DNA. Most intelligent people will surf the net looking for alternatives to being mindless followers but will run into the many sites encouraging them to reject science and embrace utter stupidity! Personal prudence must prevail.

This said, I must say that as long as GOD doesn’t get in my way, I won’t get in HIS way. HE should keep a respectful distance lest I kick HIS mythological ass, but thank you yet again for the cancer death of ESPN anchor Stuart Smith, a person who didn’t deserve your wrath. Also, thank your despotic ass for the crash of the AirAsia plane……are we seeing a trend here? God is a myth period!!

Atheism IS beautiful!


Atheism is Beautiful. Yeah, I said it.
May 18, 2012 By molly 77 Comments
Explaining to a die-hard Christian that you are a “friendly atheist” is sometimes equivalent to explaining you are a friendly murderer. To them, atheists are evil soulless creatures condemned to hell.
God made atheists, atheists. Who are they to question his creations? Who are they to question anything? Questioning means you don’t have true faith.
The word “atheist” seems to leave a sting when spoken. Maybe that’s just me. It has a subliminal negative meaning after being raised Catholic. I remember it being explained to me that atheists didn’t believe in heaven. As a kid, this was pretty terrifying because you would hang on to all the possibilities; you dreamt big and the idea of going to a place where there were no boundaries sounded wonderful. (Endless supply of candy? I can fly? Wow! I feel bad for people who don’t believe!)
It’s a bummer the word atheist has such a negative connotation when the only reason the word exists is because of religion. Atheism isn’t a religion. It’s a way to categorize a minority of people who want to take responsibility for themselves rather than credit or blame a supernatural designer. We do believe in something. Ourselves.
And it is not just other atheists we believe in. We believe every individual has the power to mold their own reality and that there are simply things out there that we do not quite understand yet. Uncertainty is what makes life interesting. It’s a reason to learn, grow, and challenge ourselves to be better and a chance to discover new things about the universe through science and exploration. There are certain things we may never know or understand in our lifetimes, but this doesn’t make them less beautiful or intriguing.
“I’m an atheist, and that’s it. I believe there’s nothing we can know except that we should be kind to each other and do what we can for each other.” — Katharine Hepburn
If anything, atheists have good reason to be friendlier than most groups of people — since there is no evidence for an afterlife, it is important to turn to each other for support and improve our world as we know it. Pave your own way. Do what makes you happy. Don’t hurt others in the process. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?
“Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting for us in our graves –- or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth.” — Ayn Rand
There is an intrinsic allure to the world around us when we come to terms with the fact that we will die one day. Flowers smell sweeter, little moments become more joyous, and sunsets and sunrises look more vibrant in our eyes. These little beauties are limited so enjoying them to the fullest is crucial. One day, the lovely light of life as we individually know it will go out and only the memories, tangible possessions, and works we created will remain. That’s why writing can be an amazing art. I won’t be around forever, but my words will still cling to the paper they were written on.
Letting go of the idea of an afterlife doesn’t have to be sad, because you can’t necessarily feel loss for something you’ve never had. Soaking in the reality of our here and now is something we can control, and there are means to make the world we live in better for ourselves and the people around us. Viewing the Earth as its exquisite self and delving into new paths as a walking, breathing human can be far more meaningful than an illusion of a God we can only prove in death.

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New Atheism


I frequently encounter criticism of the so-called New Atheist movement by ‘Fatheists’ who seem to take a tolerance position on backward thinking. These people describe us as intolerant intellectual bullies who feel that we are somehow elevating ourselves over adherents to Bronze-Age dogma. In a way I guess, they are right. When there is approximately 70% of the population of the U.S that claims to believe in something supernatural and all-knowing, but provides absolutely NO proof as to the existence of said entity, then there is a problem with backward delusional thinking.

The dating site Christian Mingle boasts around 16 million members who actually believe that they are destined to find a soul mate at the hands of a being that can neither be heard, seen or touched and that makes no real communication/contact overtures to the supplicants that it reigns over. This is a matter that concerns me as does the incredible percentage of idiots who watch reality TV, and who happen, coincidentally, to identify majority Christian. These are the same people who make broad statements concerning things such as the non existence of transitional fossils when there are thousands, the same complete fools who deny climate change, and when I hear people sound off against those crusading for rationality, I now have something to fight for even harder!

Yes! We do need the New Atheist Movement and the energy and opposition it brings to an unbalanced table! If the religious are left to their own devices, they erect monuments to delusion and bigotry on public lands and destroy the planet because their delusion does not include the logic and common sense of preservation! The Unholy Bible tells it’s followers that they were given dominion over the land and animals so there need not be conservation and prudence of actions! We have climate change deniers at the highest echelon of our Government as does Canada, and almost ALL of them quote from their silly book of fairy tales! George W. Bush and Dick Cheney started massive illegal wars in oil rich states and Georgie claimed that he spoke to The Lord every day! Osama Bin Laden orchestrated 9/11 because of his version of the fairy tales!

I, for one, am proud of the New Atheists because of their refusal to bow to pressure and for their great work in overturning some major religious based legislation, and as a member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, I will continue to join the rallies and demonstrations against the throwback radicals who have caused enough damage in their domination of the political scene. It is OUR time now to bring the wonders of science to as many places as we can and work to eradicate bastions of idiocy such as the Creation Museum. Where there is common sense and a willingness to learn, the walls of ignorance fall. Sitting idly by and hoping that the radical religious ignorance will go away is NOT the answer and is the hallmark of today’s generation, the same generation that has done away with the two most important words in the dictionary: Personal Responsibility.

Milquetoast tolerance of blatant ignorance has produced a multitude of people who sit on their hands afraid of activism against many very important problems. Our greatest trading partner, China, continues to pollute on massive levels and export poisonous food to foolish buyers, India continues to be one of the most dangerous places to be female and female fetuses are aborted in record numbers, but you don’t see any embargoes against their goods. Muslims demonstrate against the governments of the very countries that they have taken refuge in as the laws of these countries support their seditious behavior. Tribes of Muslims slaughter each other every day and in Afghanistan we support the government of the largest heroin exporter in the world. The list goes on and yet the feel-good set opposes the very action that could help awaken people and change the world for the better.

Religions have inspired great artistic works and along side the creation of these works heretics were burned and placed on the rack for any trumped up reason that the church wished to level against them. The time for belief in something that can no longer do man any good and can only keep the veil of ignorance over his eyes is over. Atheists as a whole, are trying to open people’s eyes to the truth of science and save another generation from the ignorance of blind faith. We are trying to spare future children from the abuse of early indoctrination and lack of self esteem due to being told that they were born in sin and not worthy of the candy man in the sky. We want to save them the later disappointment of realizing that they have wasted their lives on a terrible lie based on the book of a deity who’s hands are drenched in the blood of millions of mostly innocent people who believed in the wrong sky fairy.

I, personally, will cast my lot with the rabble rousers and spread the words of truth inspired by evidence, common sense and reason. I will not persecute my fellow man in the name of an unprovable genie or murder in His name, I will stand up and actually make my voice heard so that eventually we can wipe the likes of Boko Haram and Al Qaeda from the Earth. Secular reasoning does this, not wars waged by religious people. Stand tall New Atheists and let the cowards sit and do nothing.

In conclusion, I would like to thank my inspiration, Dawkins/Dennettt/Hitchens/Harris, Seth Andrews, Matt Dillahunty, Jen Peeples, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dan Barker, A.C Grayling, Lawrence Krauss, Greta Christina and a host of other atheists that have made me the atheist activist that I am today. If the movement is good enough for the likes of these geniuses, than I’d rather be on their side, the EVIDENCE is just too compelling!

Sara Beth


I see this as if God has a plan then why do you have to demonstrate it with me? Most believers see this as a test of their faith and the atheists see it as why didn’t this psychopathic god choose a fucking child rapist for HIS fucking cancer? Believers are just deluded! Might I just add that a girl in a Colorado school system was denied entrance because she shaved her head in solidarity to a schoolmate that is fighting cancer and has no hair? Thank you Christian assholes!!!