Conscious what?!


As a confirmed skeptic, I have had to tell many, and I mean MANY two legged sheep to keep their creepy star-stalking bullshit to themselves. I am speaking of those vacuous idiots that are living vicariously through those out-of-touch bastards referred to as ‘celebrities.’ I, of course, refer to them as overpaid flotsam in need of a good plane crash, ( about ten airliners full ).or brain transplant. After about a good ten years of being famous, most of these overgrown children seem to just forget that anyone else besides them exist.George Clooney pontificates about the suffering in Darfur while sucking the toes of beautiful women half his age on the Amalfi Coast. Gwyneth Paltrow regales us with how well her trainer is whipping her into shape and about her “conscious uncoupling” from her deluded other half all while telling us how goddamned hard it is to be a superstar, SHUT YOUR WHINING HOLE GWYNNIE!

My only concern about these trained monkeys is that they dance on cue to entertain me when I need it and convince me that they are the character that they are portraying! ‘Ol Gwynnie better shut her cake-hole before people start to think that the best role she ever had was having her scalp peeled back over her head as a corpse in Contagion! Also, the sheeple! As usual, they will question nothing fed to them by the magic box in the living room. They just turn on network news and the reality programs and hope that Phil Robertson will go off on those evil homos again or that he’ll say some other closed-minded Gawd-speak in an effort to piss off ‘them damned librulz.’ I just shake my head in wonderment that this kind of mindless drivel is the main type of entertainment enjoyed in the free world today. It’s just pablum for the masses meant to further lull them to sleep so that they won’t pay attention to the important issues such as clean energy right now or the fact that Duke Energy in North Carolina is getting away scott free with dumping pure poison into the Cape Fear river right under the nose of the EPA. Don’t worry about the real issues people, J-Lo just got another manicure and we need to know how it turned out!

Hell, I spend so much time telling people that I don’t care what their favorite celeb did today that I should just wear a damned button and be done with it! I am too busy trying to learn something useful EVERY SINGLE DAY to care about what a spoiled brat did on his/her vacation in the Swiss Alps, but most people actually don’t realize this. They spend their time hating their own boring lives instead of fighting to eradicate injustice in the world and prevent corporate takeover of the nation as well as it’s piecing out to multinational interest through the elimination of education and infrastructure! If even 20% of these sheep pulled their heads out of the sand and dusted off their underused vision, it would send ripples through the country and to the billionaires that a change was occurring, but they know that the dummying down of humanity in the U.S is working perfectly and when things really go to shit the remaining folks will just kill each other for the remaining resources.

A bleak outlook indeed, and I will continue to fight it with activism and skepticism slowly feeding the message of common sense logic to the sleeping masses. I hope that some will awaken, but I fear that people have allowed themselves to be taken over the point of return and that they will blindly walk into the corporate bug zapper without a fight. I continue to find educated people who look at me as if I’m out of my mind when I say that people of the middle class have been sandwiched in between social and corporate welfare to eliminate any chance of a backlash against the corporate rape of the common citizen. By dividing the numbers their is absolutely NO chance of going Robespierre on their asses virtually eliminating the Constitutional power of the people. Due to the new corporate sponsored Homeland Security laws, the act of using your right to forcibly change your government is now an act of domestic terrorism! Remember past posts involving a camera on every street corner? These weren’t put there to ensure public safety no matter how the political spin doctors play it! They were installed as yet another way to keep tabs on the populace and ensure control and the naysayers cry conspiracy theorist if you point this out! Why? Because it violates their little comfort zone to be a meddler in regime politics. Most prefer to be silent because they don’t want to rock the boat and be singled out by Big Brother! Hell, next thing you know they’ll be calling me Alex Jones Jr. Hopefully not, I’d hate to be lumped in with that loudmouth! I just am totally against sleeping through the sale of my own country!

Well, I’ve said that which I came to say, now it’s time to go back to the T.V and catch Honey Boo Boo! Cracklelackle Alekum my blog brothas and Peace be unto you! 

Prof. Dawkins on The Ten Commandments


This brilliant man does so well destroying these irrelevant ‘commandments.’