When life fucks you in your asshole


When life fucks you in your asshole, it is best to get a really good hemorrhoid cream to ease the pain of every time that you shit through them. I, of course, am referring to divorce in this case, and don’t want my readers to have to suffer from the burning and discomfort associated with shit passing through a raw asshole.
I am that raw asshole right now and am venting through my blog at this time, so I hope that I can impart some humor to the audience at this point in the game
Faith is usually the first theme of the articles posted here, but life takes over from time to time, namely my fucking impending divorce from my wife of 21 years.
If you wanted a good reason to disbelieve, my situation is that example. I supported my wife through everything that her dysfunctional family threw at us and rolled with the punches only to be dropped after working two jobs to pay for her education. People would say that my lack of faith resulted in the demise of my marriage, but I would say fuck you you fucking Asshole!
Faith had nothing to do with it, treachery had everything to do with it. My wife is an ‘agnostic ‘. This, of course, is an atheist without balls who is too afraid to take a stand, and hides behind their fears of the unknown. I possess the guts to stand behind my convictions and lack respect for those who choose the easy way out, which is a lukewarm approach to the absence of evidence. I really can’t believe that the woman who is currently divorcing me is the same person who sat with me during the Neill DeGrasse Tyson event that SHE bought me tickets to.
Personally, I am devastated right now, but I will survive. I am currently working on launching the Roving Skeptic podcast and will give the date soon. Thank you to my community and followers. Please continue to disbelieve in foolish pseudoscientific crap, and go get some acupuncture. ………just kidding.

GMO foods!


The sad thing is when you give tested information to a person and they reject it based upon the foolish notions of the popular opinion. This is sheep-like behavior and is to be rejected by the forward thinking populous based upon their fallacious thinking. I am sad to say that my own wife had a conversation with her brother based upon unproven facts that she passed off as legitimate and ignored my addition of tested facts in favor of her own bullshit suppositions. She ignored statistics regarding genetically modified materials and their proliferation related to individuals selling off land that they could develop themselves and vilified GMO purveyors instead of lazy landowners selling plots of land at premium prices.

Yes I know of the team of lawyers that Monsanto employs 24/7 and the bully tactics that they use, but I also know of the laziness of people who own land and sell to large land owners expecting them to not use the land for GMO purposes. They pontificate and exaggerate the causes that they support and NEVER tell their people that they themselves sold the company the land that is now being used for GMO production. The hypocrisy is in the fact that the owner never meant to use the land themselves to yield crops, but in the expectation that the crop would never be used to grow GMO foods. 

These questions were never asked because that would give rise to arguments of a moral nature, so it was assumed that the land would be used to just grow food. The seller knew that the buyer had liberty to use the land for means other than to just grow natural crops, but the seller never asked because that cleared culpability in any other incident. This leaves the ignorant farmer able to file later lawsuits in federal court over things that they knew to be fact which gives them a way to obtain further payment related to the claim of ignorance of land usage! This shit is fucking brilliant!! 

Grass roots action could circumvent this GMO menace as long as local farmers hold onto local lands and use it for local crops! If they get greedy, they can always file federal lawsuits in court to claim ignorance of things that they already know and profit from these lies! Awesome! The people complain about corporations while acting out of greed as corporations do and hold corporations responsible!! Hypocrisy!

Please leave comments s to my fallacious thinking and tell me if I totally missed the mark! 

End Game


We are doubling our population every 50 years, this will go to doubling the population every 25 years. I wonder what the stupid Christian answer is to this unsustainable truth? Between oil spills, fertilizer runoffs, greenhouse gasses and other things that the super rich are in charge of, what is the end game? I know that the stupid liberals will hope that man gets a grip, but we know that it is too late. The stupid Christians think that their idiot god will deliver them, but really, what the fuck is the end game?

From my local KGW news.


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PORTLAND – Newly proposed rules for brewers could mean a waste of grain and more expensive beer prices, according to industry leaders and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden.

Oregon brewers are fighting a proposal by the Food and Drug Administration that would place restrictions on the historic practice of using spent grain as animal feed.

It’s a practice Hopworks Urban Brewery has followed, giving all of its spent grains to a local dairy farmer. That farmer then uses the grains to feed its cows.

Spent grains are all the left-overs after the beer has been brewed. The long-standing practice saves farmers money on feed and brewers millions of dollars in disposal fees.  But in an effort to insure the byproduct is safe for animals to eat, the FDA wants to require brewers to dry the wet grains before giving them away.

“It’s an enormous burden that either we carry or pass it along to the farmer, and what’s going to result is higher prices for dairy, for meat and definitely higher prices for beer,” said Christian Ettinger, brewmaster at Hopworks.

Most of the smaller brewers said they’d be forced to dump the leftover grains in the landfill. Senator Wyden on Monday met with some local brewers and farmers to discuss the proposed change.

He is asking the FDA to throw out their current proposal and come up with a much more “workable” option.

“I don’t know everything about beer, but I do know when a federal agency acts like it has had one too many,” said Wyden.

In recent hearings, Wyden said the FDA has acknowledged problems with their proposed rule and seemed willing to reconsider it.

-AAAAnd again, applying skeptical critical thinking, I am left to believe that pumping cattle full of steroids and antibiotics and dragging them thru their own feces to slaughter is healthier and poses no risk?? The FDA should be paying attention to E-Coli and salmonella instead of spent grain. I just have to wonder, doesn’t the FDA have kickbacks from giant pharma to attend to instead of this, or maybe fielding untested drugs?

From Followthemoney.org


Names in the News: Michigan’s DeVos Family

The DeVos family of Michigan—Republican stalwarts who have given large contributions to socially conservative ballot measure committees—didn’t hesitate to take advantage of Michigan’s new campaign finance law.1 2 The law, which doubled contribution limits, had a little-noticed quirk in timing that the DeVos family used to contribute more than $700,000 to the state’s Republican house and senate campaign committees during the course of two days.3 4

Though substantial, the $700,000 was a drop in the family’s bucket. Members of the Devos family—Richard Sr. and Helen, their sons Daniel, Douglas, and Dick, along with the sons’ spouses, Pamella, Maria, and Betsy, and grandson Richard III—have contributed $45.6 million to state campaigns since 2000. The fortune for such prolific giving stems from Richard DeVos Sr.’s role in co-founding Amway, the direct sales corporation. The family has since widened its holdings to include a variety of businesses, including an NBA franchise.

The recent spate of giving is striking for not only the size of the contributions, but because the DeVos family has not previously focused on giving to state legislative campaign committees. According to the National Institute on Money in State Politics data since 2000, members of the DeVos family had given $464,394 to house and senate Republican campaign committees up until the new law took effect—meaning that in just two days the family far exceeded its previous lifetime contributions to Michigan Republican legislative campaign committees.

Previously, the DeVos family had contributed primarily to state political parties. Family members donated $5 million to the Michigan Republican Party (which Betsy DeVos chaired from 1996 until 2000), $3.7 million of which came from Richard DeVos, Sr. The family also contributed $1.1 million to the Republican Party of Florida.

TABLE 1: DeVos Family Giving to Michigan Party Committees 2000–2012
Committee Total
Michigan Republican Party $4,937,500
Michigan House Republican Campaign Committee $267,394
Michigan Senate Republican Campaign Committee $191,500
TOTAL $5,396,394

Most of Dick DeVos’ giving occurred in 2006, when he ran unsuccessfully for governor of Michigan. Of the DeVos family’s $45.6 million in giving since 2000, $35.4 million came in the form of self funding by Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, who donated $130,596 to his campaign. Other members of the family combined to contribute $21,935 to his gubernatorial campaign.5

TABLE 2: DeVos Family Contributions Totaling More Than $50,000 to Ballot Measures, 2000-2012
State Year Committee Amount
MI 2004 Citizens for the Protection of Marriage $50,000
FL 2006 Florida4Marriage.org $100,000
MI 2008 Michigan Citizens Against Unrestricted Science & Experimentation $275,000
MI 2008 Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Kids $60,000
FL 2010 Protect Your Vote $100,000
MI 2012 Protecting Michigan Taxpayers $1,750,000

The DeVos family has also contributed generously to ballot measure campaigns in Michigan and Florida. Richard Sr., and Douglas and Maria DeVos, gave a total of $50,000 to support Michigan’s 2004 constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. In 2008, Richard DeVos6 gave $100,000 to a similar measure in Florida, while other members of the DeVos family contributed $60,000 to fight the legalization of medical marijuana in Michigan, and $275,000 to fight an attempt to legalize stem cell research in Michigan. In 2010, Richard Sr. and Helen each gave $50,000 to opposeefforts to reform redistricting in Florida. Members of the DeVos family combined to contribute $1.8 million to oppose a 2012 Michigan constitutional amendment that would have guaranteed a right to collective bargaining.

-Just a small tidbit to inform people where a great deal of the DeVos family’s money goes; into hate speech, insuring inequality, bigotry and keeping the working person in line. 

Chris Rodda


MRFF Complains About Atheists Proselytizing at Air Force Academy? Surely Pigs are Flying!
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Yes, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and its leader Mikey Weinstein are going after the Air Force Academy again.
This morning, MRFF was contacted by seven people at the Academy (four cadets, two faculty members, and one staff member; six of whom Christians) about an announcement made to all cadets in the Mitchell Hall dining facility that today and tomorrow were going to be “Ask an Atheist Days,” and that a table would be set up on the third floor of Fairchild Hall, an academic building.
According to a member of the U.S. Air Force Academy Cadets Freethinkers Club, these “Ask an Atheist Days” are being held in protest of the Academy’s refusal to allow their group to participate in S.P.I.R.E. (Special Programs in Religious Education). S.P.I.R.E. is a long-running program at the Academy, where one night per week is set aside for various religious groups and outside parachurch organizations to hold religious meetings for the cadets.
The Cadets Freethinkers Club has been denied recognition as a S.P.I.R.E. group by the Academy on the grounds that freethinkers are not a religion, and has only been allowed to operate as a club.
A MRFF client who is a member of the Freethinkers Club explained the motivation behind the “Ask an Atheist Days” to Weinstein, saying that since the Academy does not consider them a religious group for the purposes of participating in S.P.I.R.E., then they feel they are are within their rights, as a non-religious club, to set up a table and have their event announced on the same basis as other non-religious clubs would be permitted to do.
MRFF agrees with the Freethinkers Club that their group should be able to participate in S.P.I.R.E., but does not condone the manner in which these cadets chose to protest the Academy’s refusal to recognize them as a S.P.I.R.E. group.
According to Weinstein, allowing an “Ask an Atheist Day” to be announced to a captive audience of cadets in the dining hall and allowing the Freethinkers Club to set up a table in an academic building is no different that allowing an ask a Muslim Day or an ask an Evangelical Christian Day. “They are proselytizing for atheism,” Weinstein said.
No, pigs aren’t flying. Contrary to the constant and deliberate stream of misinformation being spewed by those who claim that MRFF is an atheist organization that only goes after Christians, the reality is that MRFF will take exactly the same steps to stop a violation of the Constitution or military regulations when that violation is being committed by a freethinkers group or by any other group or individual. You just won’t hear about it on Fox News.
Maj. Lonzo Wallace, Executive Officer to Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson, has told MRFF that the Academy is allowing the “Ask an Atheist Days” to proceed, despite of the clear violation of regulations in allowing a particular ideology — one that many would say is in fact a religious belief — to be promoted in a completely inappropriate time, place, and manner.
“Religious neutrality means religious neutrality,” said Weinstein. “Whether it’s saying that Jesus is your lord and savior or saying that there is no god makes no difference. Neither is a neutral position, and neither can be promoted by the United States Air Force Academy.”  ://www.militaryreligiousfreedom.org/

Warp speed NOW!

Instead of using rockets or thrusters, a craft equipped with warp drive would move by distorting space.
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The Warp Drive

The Warp Drive Kris Holland, based on Enterprise Design by Matt Jeffries

The warp drive proposed by Miguel Alcubierre would achieve faster-than-light speeds by distorting space-time. The device would generate a field of negative energy that would squeeze or stretch space-time, creating a bubble. The bubble would ride the distortions like a surfer on a wave. As evidenced in the big bang, space-time can expand so quickly that objects move faster than the speed of light.

1) The vertical dimension represents how much a given volume of space-time expands or contracts in Alcubierre’s model. Positive values [red] imply an expansion. When space-time expands behind a craft, it propels the ship forward.

2) Inside the warp bubble, neutral space-time would leave the ship undisturbed. Passengers would experience a gravitationally calm zero-G environment.

3) Negative values [blue] imply a contraction in space-time. The contraction balances the expansion of space-time as the bubble moves forward.


Negative Energy: Creating a warp drive requires negative energy—a mysterious form of matter that repels rather than attracts. While predicted to exist, it has never been measured in a laboratory, and known methods for creating it are extremely limited; they would generate so much positive (normal) energy that any negative energy effects would likely be drowned out.

Faster-Than-Light Limitation: If scientists could generate a powerful field of negative energy, they would need to position some of it in front of the craft. “The problem,” says Alcubierre, “is that you wouldn’t be able to make this field reach the region you need.” In other words, to get the energy in front of the craft, it would need to move at faster-than-light speeds, which is impossible.

Destabilization: Even if scientists could generate and position a field of negative energy, there is little reason to think the integrity of the field would hold. A group of Spanish and Italian researchers wrote a paper in 2010 arguing that quantum mechanical radiation, analogous to the Hawking radiation that appears at the event horizon of black holes, would show up and “inevitably lead to [the warp bubble’s] destabilization whenever superluminal speeds are attained.”


Watching Warp

Watching Warp: If a ship with warp drive zipped past a stationary observer, according to a simulation by German researchers, he or she would see the drive’s effect on space, pinching as it approached [top], transitioning as it passed [middle], and dilating as the ship moved away [bottom].  Courtesy Thomas Müller and Daniel Weiskopf, based on Milky Way Panorama by ESO/S Brunier


Read the Popular Science profile of NASA engineer Harold “Sonny” White and his research into warp drives here, from the April 2013 issue of the magazine.

From thebraveatheist Center for Reason and Logic


Personal anecdotes…..

Subject: Dave, 67yo Male

Occupation: Retired carpenter

Current Situation:  Resides with adult daughter and son-in-law due to recent loss of carpentry business and forced to take early Social Security. 

Dave grew up with a mother that had limited finances and relied on marriage and divorce to several different men to become the wealthy woman that she is today. She is very intelligent but favored using a dishonest approach to financial freedom instead of steady marriage and education to achieve her goals. Dave was taught by this woman that men were terrible creatures and only fit to be used for financial gain. As he grew to adulthood, Dave became hostile and opinionated to a fault, using a large stature to intimidate and physically humiliate others to bandage his abysmally low self-esteem. He does not interact well with others because he cannot allow them to possess their own opinions or political values and has been fired from jobs due to terrifying flares of temper. Dave is very rigid and short-sighted in his beliefs and never takes advice from others because as they are advising, he is formulating a mental response as to why their suggestion will fail. Personally, he dislikes me and will refute ANYTHING that I have to say even if I possess a degree in the subject matter that is being discussed. This is due to his jealousy of my current position that I have created by hard work and shrewd decision-making. I basically came from gut-wrenching poverty and homelessness to educated self-actualized success and have a family that I put ahead of everything. Dave left his family because of alcoholism and spent his entire life working on his own issues, but his family suffered because once he got sober he continued working to satisfy his own means and never thought of providing for his children in the future. Speaking with him is literally like a foray into the world of ‘I Can’t.’ 

Dave was advised in 2009 to move into renovations by his daughter who saw the construction industry fall flat in response to the recession, but he did not listen as per his usual assumption that he knew better. The resulting fallout was that he had to move in with us. Now imagine having to co-exist with a person who is anti-social and refuses to listen to most advice AND is used to judging others and running his own household. Between these two mindsets, you have a person who resents life in general and is depressed with immature coping mechanisms. He lashes out verbally, disparages opinions that he disagrees with and constantly has to remind others that he is a viable entity dependent on no other person except self. This is mostly true in that Social Security takes care of his contribution and that he helps with the cleaning and around-the-property chores. While doing this he constantly complains because people don’t do things the way he does them and criticizes opinions and beliefs that don’t align with his own. Worse yet, he has converted from knee-jerk bigoted conservatism to knee-jerk liberalism because their beliefs make him feel as though all of his bad decisions weren’t to blame for his position, just the actions of greedy Republicans, ( I am middle of the road politically and favor common sense to knee-jerk anything ). I don’t blame one side because I know that ALL of our Outlawmakers are responsible for the recession, but how do you explain that to someone who went from idolizing Bill O’Rielly to hanging on every word of Rachel Maddow? Bread-line convert, I know! Ya got Jesus only because YOU were effected by tragedy! 

thebraveatheist meanwhile, cools his heels in a situation between a worthless mother-in-law and an extremely irritating father-in-law who are in the same house( mine ), after 30 years of separation! They hate each other and THAT friction is palpable as well. The FIL contributes in chores and money but is used to being head of household in his OWN house, the MIL stiffs on the money and sits on her ass eating food that she doesn’t pay for AND recently took my car without asking and wrecked it while drunk! 

The entire house dynamic is set to change in 4 mos. but my wife can’t see the damage that 20 years of co-dependency has done to our family unit. She has bailed her mother out of tedious self-inflicted situations since our marriage and then three years ago added her dad into the mix. Between the two I have never known a marriage built on honesty and trust. My wife has told so many lies to cover up her mother’s screw-ups that they can no longer be counted. Things are supposedly changing with the mother moving out soon, but what do you do with the father who constantly challenges for head-of-household? 

Thank Godless for therapy! As a person who is well grounded, I still need advice on how to deal with these crazy people! I have since turned to my ‘higher power’ Mithra, to guide me thru this time with some human sacrifice and idolatry, and can only advise those going thru similar trials to ‘Let go and Let Gods, Goddesses and Fairies of the Underworld!’ 

On a footnote-My wife had a terrible childhood at the hands of these adult children but can’t seem to break the guilt that makes her take care of them. They were never there as parents OR providers and she has always played the mother in her and her mom’s relationship. A severe co-dependency issue to say the least. 

Well, this post was more personal, but gives some insight on why, or why not that people do what they do! It is loosely based in my atheism but not directly related to the issue. I feel that personal posts are very relevant from time to time and try not to flood my blog with them. Till the next post-Keep your feet on the ground and your thoughts based in reality! PEACE TO YOU MY BROTHAS AN’ SISTAS!! OUT………