Freedom and stars ‘n’ stripes!


I find it very disturbing how accepted it is that people in power will commit crimes but will never be held accountable for them. Those who are close to or who are Government officials run around on our dime flouting the laws of the land with impunity due to their privileged positions given to them by the American public. These dicks lie to the highest officials in our legal system and are protected for it because the lies are supposedly related to their job or to protecting national security, but really the outcome is a perverted notion held by some super rich asshole who has lost touch with any notion of what the public desires. These crimes go unpunished every day due to the fact that you cannot arrest and prosecute the people who own the governments of the civilized world, the billionaires who have the law in their back pockets. 

There is conflict over whether or not people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowdon should be prosecuted, and the argument will go on forever, debated by liberals, conservatives and moderates, but the fact of the matter is, we learned most definitely that if you have the right connections, then you will NEVER see the inside of a jail cell. I don’t really think that I can put a price on what these scandals have taught the intelligent people of the world. I say intelligent meaning the small sliver of humanity that sees through the bullshit right to the value of the story. I don’t give a shit about the national security implications the Repubs keep screaming about, or the tree hugging bullshit on the opposite end of the argument, I am only concerned with the fact that it brought to stark clarity the disparity between the powerful and the powerless. Snowden said that Orwell’s 1984 was already a reality and I believe this. The fact that you can barely walk to a street corner or a building without being on camera is a glaring testament to how deeply our privacy has been violated. Republidicks will say that it helps the cops get the scum suckers. Dimmocrats will say that they don’t really like it ‘But if it makes us safer…..’ 

The bottom line is that these developments only give the power brokers a line on what the public is doing 24/7, PERIOD! The sheeple of this country, ( 80% ), have allowed the shepherds ultimate control to lead them to shear and slaughter while they sit around sucking up Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars. Anything that the average person does to try to even the playing field ends up being scrutinized and subject to the laws of the people watching from the cameras. This seems kind of paranoid, but what would YOU do if you had all the power in the world and wanted to make sure that the public wasn’t planning to French Revolution your ass? Make sense? These people are not subject to our laws and break them on a regular basis while we sit by shoving our heads farther and farther into the sand. We watch CNN and all of the other pablum factories, just sucking up their superficial bullshit and squabbling over surface issues designed to take our little sheep minds off of what we do not want to know. Control IS an illusion, an illusion that WE are unwilling to risk a thing to make real. We could exert control if we weren’t so preoccupied with protecting the small piece of the pie that the billionaires have allowed us to cull us to sleep. 

The reality is that most of us have taken the blue pill and don’t want to wake up. Those that do face an uphill battle. Just fucking plug me back into the Matrix and I’ll stop fighting. Superficial issues like God, politics, abortion, they are all peripheral issues designed to confound the senses and divide the forces and they have worked like the bell on Pavlov’s dogs! Pretty sad indictment of mankind, huh? One of the biggest reasons that I am an atheist is because I wanted to shake of the yoke of the ultimate form of crowd control; religion. More armies are divided by this than anything, and when they are united by it, it’s usually in a murderous fervor, something that I want nothing to do with. Since declaring my freedom, my mind has expanded incredibly and my ability to see through the bullshit has become exponential. Freethought has cleared and focused my mind and helped me rid myself of the blinders provided by media and other public sources. 

I may not make any difference at all, but I will not live with my head stuck in the sand ignoring the disappearing freedoms that we used to enjoy. I will end this rant and return to my futile endeavors now so remember, I’m WAAATCHING youuuuuuuu!