Holy Shit!


Negan was right, “I’m bringing ORDER to this shit!” I seem to remember this above all else OVER the constant shit about how a society deals with, ‘The most vulnerable.’ Or as I call them, the people that would be culled due to inadequacy and weakness. Most people born with the inability to care for self would naturally die out and the strong would survive. Weak assholes liberalize the reason for non-producers to survive in a time of plenty because they are idiots who can’t live with themselves if they actually made the right decision about defective human animals. These people are eradicated on a natural level. If you cannot contribute to the village pot, you are turned out or driven out due to your uselessness. This is life as an animal in the real world.

Most stupid humans try to believe that they are beyond their animal origins and believe that overpopulation is not an issue due to bullshit asshole hubris believing that they are above the ecosystem of the basic animal. This is fucking crap! Humans have busted out of the ecosystem that they occupy resulting in unnatural results such as adjusting habitat situations resulting in elevated murder/crime statistics resulting from too many rats in the maze. We are an animal regardless of the religious communities opinions or dictates and the opinions of the assholes that believe we are better than the things that they allow to piss on their lawns.

We have problems that are going to kill us as a species related to the opinion that we are above the other mammals on our planet. Until we manage our villages like we do our rabbit hutches and hen houses, we are going to spiral out of control and kill each other trying to take resources to survive.


Jesus and football


Greetings on this awesome football day and may the god that I totally fucking believe in bless His Holy God day; I am wearing my magical underwear in case there are those of you who are masturbating right now, so feel free to wank it and slap a dude on the butt!

But hey Seattle fans, Wilson is totally fucking this game up and is putting jizz on the Seahawk’s face!! Jesus must hate these bastards because they are doing worse than a pedophile in general pops! All the Cheese heads have to do is run a schlong right up into the SH ass and totally fuck ’em at this point! Goddamn you Lord for letting Green Bay fuck our boys, if you were a benevolent deity you would let Aaron Rodgers slip on the field onto a stray shampoo bottle and incur an accidental anal tear, but you can’t can you? Because you are a mythological mind fuck, aren’t you? You Jesussy fucktool!

I’m praying to Zeus for the next game you impotent fuckstick, because you fucked me on the lottery numbers AND the Seahawks winning! I hope someone jams a football into your immaculate hooha sideways to teach you a lesson about who pays your fucking paycheck asshole! Many more fuck ups like this one and we will go elsewhere for our feel-good mindfuck mythology session! You are on notice little long-haired cross-carrying mister! Next loss is your omnipotent ASS on a pike fucker! Dig it! Now get your fucking ass back in the game and take one for the team! Oh, almost forgot…Amen!


Armchair Quarterbacks, or assholes with big mouths.


In the spirit of Tim Minchin’s ‘Fuck the Motherfucker’ I would like to second that sentiment in saying fuck the motherfucker that talks a big talk and doesn’t walk the walk. Fuck you because you are a cowardly nit-picking asshole who has settled into being an old fucking intolerant bastard who can’t let people do things their way because it actually causes you physical pain NOT to be a nit-picking little bitch and criticize other people’s way of doing shit! You are the asshole that has no friends and sits in front of the TV for 12 hours a day pontificating about shit that you see on the magic box because you lack the vision to formulate your own thoughts independently from that of popular media.

You are a flavorless vacuum-headed follower that believes that because you listen to Free-Speech TV that you are all of a sudden relevant to the world stage of politics, well, you are just an arm chair quarterback still too scared to actually participate in real life and let your voice be heard. You would rather bullshit and pontificate about things than actually do something about it because that would prove that you are actually NOT a coward who has done nothing in life but shoot off his fucking mouth! Oh, but this is actually the truth! You are nothing but an ineffectual mouthpiece who cannot shut your goddamned piehole long enough to listen to those who are actually important in this life and have actually sacrificed something for others, unlike yourself, who exercised cowardice in everything that you have done!

As you can see, this post is a rant against someone who I am pressured to keep quiet about due to the idiotic constraints of etiquette. I am forced, by family bond, to allow this idiot a platform with which to spew his lack of knowledge. I will use this opportunity to up the drama factor of my blog while being forced to endure this complete idiot asshole, self-serving prick of a person who has done absolutely everything to make himself the failure in life that he is today. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, mommy-daddy issues, running out on his family, physical and emotional abuse to them, low self-esteem. This person used to be able to use his imposing stature to bully those smaller than himself, and now that he can no longer do this, he uses intolerance and anger to intimidate. He used to be the racist Republican before he fell from grace, but now that he let his business be destroyed he is now a far left Democrat who blames the Republicans for the fact that he could barely use E-Mail and any other technology that would have helped his business survive.

These people have been some of the glowing examples of why I am an atheist because when this man was earning money, he was a theist, but when things didn’t go his way then he all of a sudden didn’t believe in god. I believe in second chances, but I also believe that the desperate tend to turn to god because of their weak nature and inability to control their own addiction. I, myself, can identify as an alcoholic because I am a micro brew enthusiast, which equates to a person who loves to drink too goddammed much beer. The micro-brew movement is, very soon, going to find many of it’s followers in rehab or in self-imposed cutbacks after it is revealed that we are no better than the binge drinkers described in the journals of psychiatry.

I can control my addiction, that is what differentiates me from the others. We go about our lives drinking but not beating our spouses and fucking off on our jobs unlike those who use excuses to run every aspect of their lives. I hold them responsible for their actions and don’t cut slack for the shit that they have caused because that would throw personal responsibility out the window. I hold bad addicts responsible for their actions and laud them for recovery, but say fuck them if they try to say that the shit that they did was someone else’s fault. Some of these addictions, I believe, are Mother Nature’s effort to trim the species and so are virulent diseases. We were not meant to have 7 billion people on the Earth, let alone the 14 billion that is to come, and we need to stop considering it altruistic to save everyone on the face of the Earth. This is just fucking ludicrous. Bad shit happens and many will deal with it through vices. Some will fall and will die from them, this is life goddammit!

I have zero tolerance of broken people who try to exert their relevance by putting their fucking feet in their mouths, fuck them! I will continue to Captain Kirk it by changing the rules to favor my own decisions. I will continue to champion the causes of children because they are not responsible for the retards who arbitrarily bring them into a world like this one. I will continue to pass out flyers in an effort to bring human slaves home and to prevent this travesty from happening, but I truly believe that if someone or someones burst into these places of slavery and slaughtered the pieces of shit responsible, then the world would be a better place. Fuck these assholes who sit in their chairs spouting shit about what should be, if you are not a person of action then fuck you in your fucking stupid ass, you fucking fuck!!

World Cup location will also feature human trafficking!


human trafficking at World Cup
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REUTERS, 20/05 17:10 CET

By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Roman Catholic nuns backed by Pope Francis on Tuesday raised the alarm over increased risks of human trafficking, exploitation of workers, forced prostitution and sexual tourism at the soccer World Cup in Brazil next month.

The nuns, whose campaign is also backed by the U.S. embassy to the Vatican, announced an international campaign called “Play in Favour of Life – Denounce Human Trafficking,” on the risks they say will be associated with the June 12 – July 13 tournament.

“We need to make people conscious of what happens on the margins of big world events such as the FIFA World Cup and the suffering of those who are trafficked,” said Sister Carmen Sammut, a Maltese nun and one of the campaign organisers.

“Without this awareness, without acting together in favour of human dignity, the World Cup finals may turn out to be a terrible shame instead of a feast for humanity,” she told a news conference at the Vatican.

Sammut said the initiative had the full backing of Pope Francis, an avid Argentine soccer fan who has called several conferences at the Vatican to study ways of combating human trafficking.

Sister Gabriella Bottani, an Italian nun who works in Brazil, said human traffickers and others took advantage of large events like the World Cup to exploit the most vulnerable.

She said young people from the countryside are lured with the promise of a job and forced into prostitution. Children in rural areas may be kidnapped and taken to cities hosting the venues and forced to beg.

Others who are already being exploited as sex workers may be forced to move to one of the 12 venue cities because they would be more profitable to their pimps.

In countries like Brazil, she said, large events could also give rising to kidnapping for adoption. “It is amazing how so many forces of evil can converge to cause so much harm against human freedom.”

The nuns said statistics showed that sexual exploitation rose 30 percent in connection with the World Cup in Germany in 2006 and 40 percent at the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

The nuns will be raising awareness of the dangers of human trafficking and other crimes connected to the World Cup through their blog http://gritopelavida.blogspot.com.br/, their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jogueafavordavida and other social media.

Volunteers will be handing out leaflets in cities in Brazil and other Latin American countries, warning of human trafficking and how to spot it. Several demonstrations are planned.

Catholic nuns have for years been in the front line in the fight against human trafficking.

They have formed the International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons, known as Talitha Kum (Little Girl, Arise), a phrase in Aramaic taken from the Bible. It has members in more than 30 countries.

(Reporting by Philip Pullella; Editing by Mark Trevelyan)

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-I may not advocate religion, but I do despise human trafficking to it’s core and will support any organization that can keep even one person from being taken into slavery! 

We are NOT a significant race, we are but one of MILLIONS!