I would like to begin with some insight into the thinking atheist brain to give a perspective on why we believe so strongly in DISbelief! Most of the atheists that I have spoken to give an explanation similar to the one that I give in that proof is non existent when it comes to religion. We weigh the FACTS and observe data that can be ‘categorized and easily referenced’ as Agent Mulder used to say. Yes there are those who would say that he used those words to disparage his peers for looking down on his belief in the paranormal, but he was also a character who did not believe in something posited with absolutely NO proof!

Atheists tend to scour studies and scrutinize data to determine whether or not something is worth believing in. The thinking atheist tends to not make knee-jerk decisions and carefully weighs the tangible to produce a conclusion that is reasonable and quantifiable. We shun the fantastic and the unbelievable when there is no reason to pursue it further and dismiss faithful drivel.

The following are examples of the reasons to BE an atheist and for atheists to continue indifference to religion instead of pursuing peace with it. I was witness to some VERY ignorant statements by some deluded faithful followers regarding the rescue of the 3 women found after ten years in captivity in Cleveland, OH. The bulk of the statements were of the nature of  ‘Thank God these girls were found safe.’ or ‘God must have been watching over them.’ and even ‘God delivered them home to their families.’ What ignorant out of touch poppycock sentimental bullshit! I am so happy that there are stupid assholes out there who believe that GOD! stood as a perverted voyeur for ten years as these women were beaten, raped daily and terrorized for ten fucking years! REALLY?! Where was the Sky Fairy when these women were being kidnapped and where was ‘He’ when they were begging for their lives chained up in a basement?! If I was a colossal slope-browed dunce I would say exactly the same thing! IMAGINE!

No, GOD! was there when your fucking football team won the goddamned Super Bowl and ‘He’ was there when YOU got the last beer and ‘He’ was definitely there when the church pastor was killed in an auto accident but you were able to make it home after a few beers without getting a DUI! Good ol’ GOD! A helluva guy when your praying that you have a little milk in the fridge for that box of mac & cheese, but not so handy when 8 year olds are getting blown up in Boston or a 12 year old is stabbing his 8 year old sister to death! Shit, when I need my car to start on a cold day or I need those Death Cab tickets I’ll just hit up the Almighty for ’em, because he sure as shit is no fucking good at saving lives or preventing suffering!

I send this mostly to christians because we already know that Muslims kill over cartoon caricatures and if you happen to piss the wrong way so logic is totally lost on these idiots, but most christians don’t even really believe in god and are christians just for show anyway. It’s easy to claim but very difficult to actually believe. With all of the available knowledge out there most people have a basic knowledge of science and if confronted by the unexplained, they dismiss it or scoff. This includes claims of believers who say that they have seen Christ or God. Christians say hallelujah but inwardly think that the person is fucking crazy or trying to get attention. If someone were to invent a device that you could scan a person’s faith with, most christians would have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do!

So, I’m goin’ to take a shit and I’m praying for a good outcome and I played the lottery and am hoping that the good Lord will bless me with the right numbers! I will be careful on the drive to work though, because I sure as Hell know that ‘The good Lord’  doesn’t intervene in times of REAL emergency! Oh, by the way christians, when the guy next to you gets his brains blown out by the psycho gunman and you get passed over, IT”S NOT A FUCKING MIRACLE!! IT’S FUCKING TRAGIC FOR THE POOR MOTHERFUCKER WHO JUST ACQUIRED THE NEW ASSHOLE IN HIS FOREHEAD COURTESY OF THE BASTARD THAT YOUR GOD FAILED TO STOP!! Perspective folks, it’s all a matter of perspective!

Marquis D’Crusade!


The christian crusades mark some of the most bloody and mad chapters in religious history and are a perfect reason to judge the validity of following illogical shit blindly. For nearly three centuries christianity launched an offensive against the forces of Islam due to idiological differences. Europe had expended such an exponential number of men and an astronomical amount of money to fight for it’s right for a superior mythology, that the entire continent teetered on the brink of bankruptcy if not total insolvency. Millions died of disease, injury and hunger while attempting to inflict the atrocities of torture upon the minions of Mohammed the bible thief. The Islamic religion was, in fact, stolen from the bible in the 600s and ended in 632 CE literally translated as ‘the recitation’ The Holy Quran. As with all myths, the Quran was a linchpin in Mohammed’s arsenal to unite the warring clans of the desert and put them under the banner of a ‘one true god.’

Christianity, with it’s melding of pagan holidays and appeasing of the conquered peoples of Rome created a hodge-podge religion of inaccuracies that was the greatest model for illiterates such as Mohammed and Joseph Smith to create a living document that could control an immense number of illiterate followers. This is the truth of the history of christianity. The advancement of society led to the need to modify the mythology to keep the lemmings in the pews and show that the religion was one of devine tolerance, but I digress.

1066-1099-The first crusade was a military expidition sanctioned by Pope Urban II to regain christian Holy lands taken in the Muslim conquests  of the Levant ( 632-661 ), ultimately leading in the capture of Jerusalem in 1099. The Pope, of course, responding to an appeal by Emperor Alexios I Komnenos to send westerner volunteers to his aid in repelling invading Seljuk Turks from Anatolia. The additional goal became the primary goal to conquer Jerusalem and the Holy land in order to free the Eastern Christians from Islamic rule. More to come!!

The bottom line….


I see before me many a soul looking for salvation in the good book of mythology called the Bible. These kind folk are the lemmings of the world who trust not their own senses and their ability to understand science and reason! These are the very same people who were once persecuted by said beliefs contained within the mythological text mentioned above. I give you anyone who has ever descended from a people forced into Christianity from another mythology that was once practiced  by their native peoples! Please study the indoctrination of the African Americans, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Native Americans, and the list goes on! Peoples who were tortured for their belief in a ‘savage god’ and forced upon penalty of death to worship the ‘generous and loving god’ of Abraham!

The above examples are of the recent crimes and don’t even touch upon the Crusades or other wars fought in the name of love and glory! The comedian Chris Rock once said, “If a black person is a Christian than he’s got a short fuckin memory!” AMEN! Why would a people who have claimed freedom fro an oppressor continue to embrace the captor’s religion? Why are there Korean Christians? Vietnamese Christians?