God in His never ending grandiosnessesssness


I have been receiving very sophomoric typical replies to comments that I have made on other blogs here.When I read an extraordinary claim made on a Christian themed blog I am known to comment briefly by challenging the claim and rebutting with simple logic. Regarding a claim that God is great and responsible for the many wonders that are explainable by basic science, I usually reply using my knowledge of demonstrable evidence to give the right explanation to a bogus claim. The Christian replies to that with the typical idiocy fed to them by their clergy and parents which is usually vacuous faith based bullshit not grounded in the real tangible world of common sense. I usually direct them to some of the hundreds of posts on my blog quoting the latest evidence available and get a fearful rebuttal based in biblical ramblings. These people are so scared and deluded that when presented with a way to change their thinking and beliefs they choose to cower in fear and hide behind a book of fables.

Now I understand that changing a world view requires courage and vision as well as being willing to alienate people that one has known for a lifetime. Most people that have rejected the lies of religious life have been shunned and cut off from their communities. Religion is a disease of the mind, rooted in the laziness of faith which is the easiest choice to grab onto when actual research would pull one out of the lifetime comfort zone. Faith is Linus’s security blanket that assuages anxieties and fear without having to address and solve the problem that caused the fear in the first place. Faith is the ultimate cop-out used to dispose of real effort and the challenge of facing the actual truth, but I understand why people cling to it. I, for one, fear irrationally the finality of death even though I am an entrenched atheist who believes 100% in demonstrable evidence. I fear because I don’t know the final resting place of sentient versus inanimate energy. Does it go away to an ultimate dead zone, or does it exist on in time and space as pure energy? I know that my consciousness as an individual being means nothing in the scheme of the universe and that no human being is going to a golden city to walk the gilded roads with fucking Jesus, that’s obviously the human construct of an anthropomorphic god meant to allay the fear of death.

Funny that even the most devout believers in the God myth are still uncertain in their faith. I have been at many a death bed and have observed the fear in the eyes of people who earlier were so very eager to join Jesus in the mystical world of Heaven and now they quake in terror because the uncertainty has set in. The reality that it might all be just bunk has now become a reality in these minds and God is no where to guide them through this suffering, just as He is no where to be found when children suffer the ravages of dread disease. God id everywhere they say, and was always there regardless of the fact that most Christians attack atheists based on the ‘something from nothing’ argument. How could the universe come from nothing, what happened BEFORE singularity? Well, what happened BEFORE God? God was always there? Impossible, how does something come from nothing? They cannot answer because they have now painted themselves into the very same corner that they tried to paint the atheist in and they always lose because of the application of skeptical rational thinking!

The explanation that you can’t explain everything ends up going both ways and the debate then descends into quoting the bible to prove the bible. The William Lane Craigs and Cye Ten Bruggencates  of the world are always defeated by their own circuitous arguments and flawed logic. The simple use of common sense is usually the best defense against ‘smart stupid people’, as Bill Maher calls them. I am always floored when I find out that a renowned scientist or educator believes in the God myth, not because I claim to know everything, but because when researched, the myth appears as just that and you end up having to believe that these people have had something happen in their life that truly scared the shit out of them and God just serves as their security blanket as well.

The simple minded are not the only ones who turn to mythology in times of fear. If one thinks of humankind as just a speck of life on a speck of a planet in a nondescript galaxy, then the perspective is revealed and it makes perfect sense for educated people to fall into the trap of religion. We are NOT special and were NOT made for some ultimate purpose in the galaxy and for modern man to labor under this obvious illusion speaks to the backward nature of the race. Let discrimination over skin color die and I will say that THAT is a significant advance of our species, but we can’t even accomplish something so simple yet.so why is it so disturbing to me that intelligent people believe in fairy tales?

As primitives in the Bronze Age, we surely believed that our existence was some sort of special occurrence and that the stars above our heads were but lamp lights illuminating our sky. Primitive deduction had the sun and stars revolving around the Earth with us as the central figures in the scheme not remotely aware that there were billions upon billions of planets out in observable space. We now are aware of this due to advances in science and no longer need to believe that spirits keep heavenly bodies in motion or that we are special in any way shape or form. Fools such as Ken Ham and other New Earth Creationists are now only akin to Flat Earthers who believe in absolute folly and try unsuccessfully to use existing science to explain the belief in fairy tales. Fools such as these stare into the proof against their ridiculous beliefs and prove their foolishness by pissing in the face of the obvious and trying to twist facts into evidence for idiocy.

I will keep rebutting the Flat Earthers, or God folk by using the science at hand to keep these throwbacks constantly off balance and the grow the cause of skepticism. Only logic and fact are effective against people who refuse to live in a world of reality. Atheism and agnosticism are growing at a rate unstoppable by the legions of believers struggling to keep us in a dark age of ignorance. At this time, these demographics are the fastest growing in the world and will soon overtake the number of those who hide behind blind faith and choose to believe in myth over reality. God is NOT great, because He would actually have to exist to be great and while disasters and illness continue to decimate scores of the faithful, the non believers will continue to actually work to slow this with science and hard work instead of useless prayer. Atheists have no time to waste on praying to the sky spirit as if this equates to rolling up one’s sleeves. Praying is what one does when they want to imagine that they are actually helping. I say, unclasp your hands and don’t insult my intelligence, I don’t believe in sky daddies so get your Goddamn ass off of your knees and do something real! The next time that you comment on a post made by an atheist, please don’t use your mythology to try to prove your baseless myth, and read the evidence before you use the ‘God is eternal’ argument. If the universe couldn’t come from nothing then your God is no immune from that argument either!



You know, ALL of my friends aged around 40 or so have miserable marriages male OR female. I take this as the institution of marriage is a passe thing and needs to be disregarded. Why ruin a good long term relationship with the death spectre of marriage? There are what, 0.5-10% of people who will describe their marriage as good and half of those are lying? So what is the benefit besides legal? I say that the law needs to be adjusted to consider the people who are too smart to resign themselves to the dungeon of marriage. 

I am unsatisfied I can tell you. The reason is because I cannot separate myself from my wife without her making the lives of our children miserable. She is so shallow that she cannot let me go and move on, she has to let the children know how much she is suffering! Unreal! I am willing to not fuck with their heads in this manner but she seems to derive a satanic glee in doing the exact opposite. She has her own career but will fight me to the end to get child support even though I want equal custody. This is because she co depends her deadbeat parents and forces me to take care of them even though their actions allowed their drug addict friends to rape her twice before the age of 10. I have tried to help her in this area but have been told that I do not qualify to tell her how to run her life. 

I have tried to break away with disastrous consequences all the way around. I implore my readers now to examine the families of the people that they are considering marriage too and urge them to consider the greatest choice of long term relationship WITHOUT paper involved. Yes, I am against marriage as an institution of the weak and brand it as a religious institution of bondage!  

Agnostics- “Atheists without balls.” -John Stewart


I often wonder, in my tiny scientific mind, why the major religions are not concerned over the growing tide of agnosticism in the civilized world. Every year hundreds of thousands of people who do not buy into Bronze-Age mythology identify themselves as ‘Agnostic.’ These people describe themselves as spiritual but not aligned with any religious belief. When I speak at length with agnostics, I find that they do not really believe in any of man’s suppositions and dogma, just in the tenets of being good to each other, and that they don’t know for certain that there are absolutely no higher beings. These folks state VERY often that they do not buy the bullshit that Christianity, Judaism or Islam is trying to sell them. They stay in the eaves awaiting PROOF that any of these myths has basis and do not hold out any hope that the GOD or GODS of Abraham are true in any form.

The comedian John Stewart calls them atheists without balls because these people do not believe in any GODS, but are still spiritual in soul and doubtful of mans deist construct; Yaweh. Now if I sat on the Golden Throne like the Pope, or had power in the other mythological bastions of Christian power, than I would be very afraid of these rabble rousers! They DON’T believe in the LORD THY MYTH! Don’t be comforted by people that claim to be ‘spiritual’ because all that they are saying is that they haven’t taken the final step to non-belief, but most of them eventually will! Why? Because they really don’t believe in GOD and you christians goddamned well know it, so put the atheist numbers at more like 40% of the civilized population! Agnostics DON’T believe in your god! Don’t you get it? I fucking LOVE that so many people say that they are agnostic, because they are really saying that they don’t buy the defined GOD thing! OUTSTANDING! We have actually won the numbers game due to the fact that more than 50% of the population of the civilized world will actually not take their commands from the tower of complete myth and superstition! 

These people will finally admit that they adhere to a moral policy because it is the right thing to do and not because a foolish piece of shit mythological Bible tells them what to do! The Christian God is one of the most amoral, savage, barbaric throwback redneck myths to follow if there ever was one! The smart people claim agnosticism because they can’t believe the simple minded savagery of the God of Abraham! Advanced people will abandon this stupid redneck throwback god due to the lack of scientific evidence and will be better because of it. God does not exist and neither does the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus! Get off of it Christians and others, you have lost! The agnostics are the future atheists!