Praise Black Jesus!!


My dilemma with the whole religion thing is that the civilized world cannot even settle on the COLOR of Christ but claims the right to declare Him a real person! The Mormons( that fucking cult ), believe that Jesus was as white as a lily but was born in the Middle East. Most white christians believe in the white Jesus as he was distanced from the traditional Hebrew for the supposed crime of killing Christ. This is, of course, absurd in that if you were born to the Middle Eastern region then you would posses negroid features typical of the region. The bible does not say anything about Jesus being of mixed race so that argument would not apply. Joseph was NOT a mailman from Duluth, he was from the region, so Jesus was technically BLACK!

Get it through yer heads folks, your Lord and Saviour is of a race that you reviled in the past and white Jesus was manufactured to appeal to WHITE PEOPLE! This persists today and further invalidates the claims that the historical Jesus was in fact a real person! How do idiots maintain that they can minister to atheists when they don’t even know the race of JESUS?! They can’t! Atheists tend to know their bibles MUCH better than christians and end up beating the believer down with their own bible! I have read the bible many times with explanations of the passages and THIS is what lead me to be an atheist. I could not fathom the fact that I, a mere mortal, had a much higher moral fiber and standing than the God that I was supposed to believe in! I have never condoned or promoted rape, genocide, child murder, etc. I would NEVER sit by and let kids die of cancer or other diseases if I had the magical powers to cure them, I’m just not that barbaric and selfish! 

If there happened to be a GOD, then he should be removed from godhood for incompetence and ignorance! The thought of an omnipotent being who would sit on his all-powerful hands just pisses me off and stirs me to stick with the here and now and not put my faith in fairies. Fuck fairies! Peter Pan can choke on his fucking poison for all I give a shit! Click yer fucking heels and wish for a cure for cancer bitches! I am 99% sure that gods are fiction so I’m comfortable. Christians are arrogant enough to say that they are 100% sure that their fuckup of a god exists, but as an atheist, I must leave a margin open for the unknown. Theists are very small minded and choose to believe that the 1% includes a fairie with a fucking beard! The Romans, Greeks, Sumerians, Etruscans, etc ALL believed in this primitive ape-like shit so they are bedfellows! In other words, just as backward as these ancient peoples. 

As the Christ-Mass season approaches I will, like Ricky Bobby, pray to the Lord Baby Jesus that these deluded crazy folk wake up and get some common sense and start helping people because it’s the right thing to do, not because if they don’t, they will ‘go to a lake of fire and fry’ as Nirvana used to sing before Kurt Cobain went to Hell by committing suicide! Personally, I believe that he blew his brains out because he realized that he had to spend his life screwing that crack-whore Courtney Fuck! Muslims however, worship the black god as is real! They also adhere to the old Hebrew practice of fucking little boys and goats too! Praise Jaysus!!  Anywhooo, praise Black Jesus this Solstice Season and peace to my fellow blog runners!