Following me on WordPress.


I recently followed an interesting blog here and the host followed mine for a time. After about a few days she wrote to me that she had stopped following my blog because there was too many reblogged articles and it wasn’t personalized enough. Cool. I’m OK with that, but the follower of this blog should read the ‘about’ statement before subscribing. This is an information portal. This is an atheist blog meant to be filled with informative articles to keep other atheists up to date and constantly learning. I borrow a lot of articles because they need to be passed on due to important info content. This is not an attempt at social media for frivolous means. It is a blog to help non believers to see the light and admit that they do not believe in fairy tales. It is to encourage that young atheist to fly the reason flag high and proud and to stand up for others who are afraid to come out as non believers. 

I have been silent this past couple of weeks due to a hectic work schedule, I am putting both my wife AND daughter through college and am working ALL of the time. I am going to have more time very soon to blog and respond but please bear with me. I am also 3 chapters into writing a book on the atheist experience and am looking into hopefully debating the likes of Wm Lane Craig possibly around 2016. These are my goals. I want to accomplish incredible things in the name of reason and be a loud voice for logic and reason for years to come. I didn’t embark on this journey to impress people looking for more bullshit social media outlets, so please, serious readers only! This blog means quite a bit to me and stands for a very important moment in my life. I have always been a goal setter who accomplishes them in reasonable time frames and I scoff at those who tell me that I cannot do something. I was homeless for the first 18 years of my life and that is a distant memory! 

I am a college educated professional going for my Masters Degree and intend to have my book published in a year. This blog is for those who need encouragement and I am here to encourage! Through logic and secular virtue, I am telling all that your goals are reasonable and attainable and I will be your biggest booster through this forum. Don’t expect warm fuzzy pictures and sweet little anecdotes from this site because it is dedicated to the rest of us atheists out there trying to establish a religion-free zone between us and those who fucking pray for our salvation all the goddamned time! PBUH who sees this blog and helps to spread the Holy word of non belief! AMENNNNNNN!!!! Alejeehoozitz smackbar to all!