Well gawddammit!


Hello my fuckin friends! I fuckin luv yew yew fucks! We are the kind of fuckin friends that make people wanna be fuckin friends for fucks sake! Later today the clouds cleared away and gave me some blue sky, but only at around 6pm so now it’s getting dark! This truly reminds me of waiting 2 weeks to masturbate and then it being over in 2 fucking minutes! What a letdown huh? 

Well since I’m burning blog time I guess I’ll tank up on Jamaican ale and do me some Jesus hatin!’ Shit! It’s what we do best here so why disappoint? I know that I said that it would be a bit more mellow, but I forgot that this blog is not being written for the pleasure of the deluded! It is for YOU! The level-headed reasonable guy/gal who just cannot imagine your fate as another faceless minion of The Great Sky Fairy! NO! NO head up ass! Must pull it out and gasp for something other than the air breathed by well dressed lemmings just shitting their pants out of love for Jesus! Buddy Christ can I git an ‘AMEN?’

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