the quantum of us…


Interesting matrix stuff but not proof of intelligent design.

the Hunt for Truth




really — vibrational — energy

compressed… energy… particles…
energy… vibrating particles…
energy… matter; vibrational
energy… the conscious substance…
energy… entangled…

behavior — that is important…

DNA senses

The act of observing — watching your thoughts…

wherever you look, there is creating


“Quantum physics reveals what ancient masters knew ; matter does not exist! Aristotle’s philosophy led to the creation of the concept of substance. The world’s ills are caused by the belief that the substance of the universe is matter. This belief leads to a fear-greed dichotomy and a scarcity mentality. In fact, the substance of the universe is consciousness! Therefore, it is behavior that is important as we mold and form our reality from the living fabric of the consciousness of creation.”

~ James J. Traitz


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