Hipster hatred


You really can’t hate the hipster,  they are entirely too lovable with their skinny jeans and their Chuck Taylors melded with the love of a fine flannel shirt of the color purple. As they sashay about on their fixie bikes with their ever-present man purse, I am suddenly envious of the emaciated unmanly appearance of these Uber fad following assholes and their oh-so-ironic attitudes.
The hipster is possibly the most conformist self important shit heel known to modern man, and will pass into the dustbin of history just as every other groupthink social pablumite scourge has before it, and the world will go on.
The mistaken notion that this fad is unique is the true joke of the times. Hipsters are truly a sad bunch of beard wearing fucking idiots that will follow anything that hipster leadership tells them to and are distinct from nothing. Hipsters are everywhere and are a brand of follower that labors under the impression that they are trailblazers, when in actuality, they are the worst of robots puking forth that which they are instructed to. It’s too bad that they are too “relevant ” to see what sheep they really are.
I truly believe that hipsters are the batteries that power the Matrix.

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