Humans, opiates, and human animals.


Jessica, 28, is hooked on opioids and detoxing during pregnancy.

I have to say that we, as animals, are the most confusing and frustrating creatures on the face of the Earth. We overpopulate it and abuse it, leading to it trying to shake us off, but with little success due to our ability to spread like a fungus and adapt. Truly, we are our own worst enemy. Yes, I am aware of the whole, “what if this was your daughter,” situation, but I really believe that this would be taken out of the equation if we could just live up to our animal potential. The opiate epidemic is just another way that nature is trying to stem the tide of our roaming the Earth like ravenous wolves destroying everything in our paths. This country needs fewer freedoms in order to counter the burden of human stupidity and right some of the wrongs that supposed freedom has wrought.

Jessica went down a wrong path yes, but needed to be sterilized before her meth-addled ass became pregnant with yet another challenged child that the State will eventually care for when it gets here. We pontificate about right and wrong, patting ourselves on the back for our allegiance to the tenets of freedom and righteousness all the while allowing SO much freedom as to fuck over an entire generation born to people who cannot even take care of self. Scores of children populate schools needing special education and lifelong disability checks related to fetal alcohol and drug syndromes that will forever keep most of them from being functioning members of society and also exempting them from ever paying a dime in taxes. This, by ANY economic standard, is unsustainable and completely ludicrous, leading one to ponder what the future will be like when over half the of-age population is incapable of holding gainful employment.

Yes, I am aware that the 1% counts on this strife among it’s plebes, but us plebes need to stand up to correct the system and demand a larger piece of the pie AND temper our freedoms to make sure that those who cannot take care of themselves are not given the opportunity to reproduce. Extreme leftys look at sensibility as ‘Draconian,’ while moderates look at tightening controls on certain people as being a responsibility of higher-functioning animals who actively take care of their ecosystem. Some members could care less about custodial duties as they sit on their asses and exercise the ability to spread their legs, but abuse the subsequent results of those actions. This is because of a system that feels that mentally impaired people and drug addicts deserve the same Constitutional rights as a completely functional responsible person; that is the most profoundly flawed and illogical position that a person could take! If one cannot take care of self then one should be rendered unable to ABUSE another human being by bringing it into an incredibly toxic environment.

I, as a healthcare worker, constantly see cases where schizophrenics are allowed to have children and drug-addicts are on the sixth kid up in OB as Child Protective Services stands by waiting to take, yet another, drug addicted child into custody. Where is our fucking learning curve people??!! Jessica needs to have a mandatory tubal ligation with this one to prevent any more mistakes! Get the net people! Addicts need mandatory sterilization, not prenatal care! We are overpopulated and saving our most idiotic individuals which equates to subverting the Darwin Awards! Do the American people want the Government to enact legislation on this once we have about 9 Billion people on the Earth? Or do the people want to take the lead on this one before draconian measures have to be made? People need to wake up and fast.

via Stopping the opioid crisis in the womb —

via Stopping the opioid crisis in the womb —

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