Agnostics- “Atheists without balls.” -John Stewart


I often wonder, in my tiny scientific mind, why the major religions are not concerned over the growing tide of agnosticism in the civilized world. Every year hundreds of thousands of people who do not buy into Bronze-Age mythology identify themselves as ‘Agnostic.’ These people describe themselves as spiritual but not aligned with any religious belief. When I speak at length with agnostics, I find that they do not really believe in any of man’s suppositions and dogma, just in the tenets of being good to each other, and that they don’t know for certain that there are absolutely no higher beings. These folks state VERY often that they do not buy the bullshit that Christianity, Judaism or Islam is trying to sell them. They stay in the eaves awaiting PROOF that any of these myths has basis and do not hold out any hope that the GOD or GODS of Abraham are true in any form.

The comedian John Stewart calls them atheists without balls because these people do not believe in any GODS, but are still spiritual in soul and doubtful of mans deist construct; Yaweh. Now if I sat on the Golden Throne like the Pope, or had power in the other mythological bastions of Christian power, than I would be very afraid of these rabble rousers! They DON’T believe in the LORD THY MYTH! Don’t be comforted by people that claim to be ‘spiritual’ because all that they are saying is that they haven’t taken the final step to non-belief, but most of them eventually will! Why? Because they really don’t believe in GOD and you christians goddamned well know it, so put the atheist numbers at more like 40% of the civilized population! Agnostics DON’T believe in your god! Don’t you get it? I fucking LOVE that so many people say that they are agnostic, because they are really saying that they don’t buy the defined GOD thing! OUTSTANDING! We have actually won the numbers game due to the fact that more than 50% of the population of the civilized world will actually not take their commands from the tower of complete myth and superstition! 

These people will finally admit that they adhere to a moral policy because it is the right thing to do and not because a foolish piece of shit mythological Bible tells them what to do! The Christian God is one of the most amoral, savage, barbaric throwback redneck myths to follow if there ever was one! The smart people claim agnosticism because they can’t believe the simple minded savagery of the God of Abraham! Advanced people will abandon this stupid redneck throwback god due to the lack of scientific evidence and will be better because of it. God does not exist and neither does the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus! Get off of it Christians and others, you have lost! The agnostics are the future atheists! 

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