Corporations as god..


I sit today, at my favorite Starbuck’s enjoying one of the few sunny days here in the city of dreary, Portland, OR. The city has many things to offer but good weather is not one of them, so I choose to live elsewhere and work here. My home in Boise affords great weather and winter sports but terrible wages for professionals because working Republicans are fucking fucktardish idiots who don’t believe in unions or good pay. Their bosses however, believe in hoarding all of the profits for themselves while the single celled organisms called ‘workers’ get the fucking shaft, all because right-wing religious idiots have programmed these simpletons to believe that representation is BAD and is a tool of the evil Democrat! 

As I ALWAYS say, 90% of the population are sheep and only 10% are forward thinkers being impeded by the 90%, which means that in a Mormon city such as Boise, you will find a bunch of deluded assholes that believe a farm boy from Illinois was visited by the almighty and given the gold tablets of the true church of GAWD! This translates to a foolish NEW belief to supplement the foolish OLD belief, that the afterlife holds true wealth beyond this Earth. The minions therefore, carry out the will of the wealthy church elders and suffer in obscurity as the upper echelon benefits off of the sweat of their brow! These idiots will work themselves to death in the service of the church and fight against reforms that benefit others because of their complete blind faith in the closed minded dictates of the church authority resulting in wage fixing and economical stagnation for the rapidly disappearing middle class. Now of course the billionaires at the top are mostly old religious assholes who believe that their evil asses were put in a position of power for a reason. They believe that they answer only to their imaginary friend in the sky, and not to the people who’s lives they are destroying. This is because people are sheep and will believe anything that they are told mainly because that’s what the TV tells them to do, and if the TV tells them to do it it HAS to be right, right?

Hell, the people have done a fucking bang up job at stopping the billionaires from piecing our nation away to foreign interests and have REALLY stopped them from utterly destroying the educational system that is the backbone of any forward thinking advanced nation, haven’t they? No? Well, bring this up at any coffee klatch and you will be accused of opposing internationalism and of being a racist! Why, just forget the whole thing and chalk it up to just a conspiracy theory and forget the fact that the corporations are buying up everything and making it impossible for startups to succeed, yeah, just forget the whole thing and put your fucking heads back in the sand and go back to church, GOD will save you, don’t worry! HE did such a great goddamned job at Sandy Hook, didn’t HE!

Sorry, too much coffee. It tends to make me level with my readers and tell them things that the general public has trained themselves to dismiss as troublemaking! The only people who want to read this kind of shit are the one’s who want change and fairness, and that appears to be a very fucking few people! I sit here at Starbuck’s looking outside the window at no less than eight, count ’em, EIGHT cameras on one fucking corner! 20 years ago this would have been considered an invasion of our privacy and now it’s considered a ‘protection’ of citizens rights! There is nowhere in a large city that a person can go without being observed and it is all in the name of national security, not that the minions of the billionaires are watching their flock and keeping an eye on what we are doing and thinking. Back in the day they called this ‘1984.’

Face it. The middle class gets smaller and the nation gets economically weaker as the intelligence disappears due to a crumbling school system cranking out illiterate graduates. Dummy down the populace and you have a perfect pool of mindless followers to work for huge business, not only that, the applicants actually feel LUCKY to have a shitty job so that they can live in substandard housing and feed their kids GMO garbage, what a perfect world….imagined by George Orwell. Religion is a tool of the oligarchy because it encourages lack of freethought and rationalism. It encourages suffering and glamorizes the difficulties of it’s minions. A life free of imaginary friends allows a person to think for themselves and to question the authority of the people giving the orders, thus decreasing the gullibility of the masses. Government and big business does not want people who ask questions and defy absolute authority, they want the person who has a shoddy education and who believes that a life of suffering will lead to a path paved in gold in the afterlife, all too perfect to lead a mindless follower. If a person believes that this life is the only one that they have then they will strive to make it better now and will most likely question why the boss gets to sit on a pile of gold while they wield the shovel or swing the pick axe. Revolution is made this way!

I will end by asking that all who read this pass it on and continue asking why our politicians continue to sell us out and why our schools continue to be underfunded. Take money from welfare, corporate AND social, or from defense spending. Take money from Homeland Security, a program that has very poor results, and fund the education system that will be the future of this nation, or sit on your asses and let the oligarchs destroy us for good and turn the middle class into slaves of the multinational corporations. Wake up people! 


5 thoughts on “Corporations as god..

  1. Some good shit. I would share it, but the people who might read it will stop at the first fucking or god damned and read no farther. What’s the gain in that, especially when it would cause them to also avoid my site? Your ideas appeal to me. I believe they hold the key to the engine of a better, happier way of life, a way of intelligent living. Peppering that with ladled-on cuss words hides the intelligence and buries all hints that something better can be found here.

    • I will take this into consideration. Feedback from intelligent sources must always be one’s guide. I am honored to have accomplished people such as yourself as readers of my blog. I have not written much until this project and am still testing the waters as a writer for the masses.

      • One always has more to learn as a writer and as a human. Information provides answers to questions we may not ask until years later. Offense can be a tool for keeping unwanted readers away from your thoughts. A writer needs to continually inquire of himself, “Am I writing to the choir?– or am I hoping to share some information with serious-minded people who really need it?” Cuss words no longer shock; that value has gone, but they still offend and drive away the people who most desperately need exposure to your ideas, and those who might help spread them. :)~

      • Thank you for the valuable lesson and I will take this to heart and tone down the shock. My goal is to attract those who are trying to free themselves from the yoke of groupthink, I certainly don’t want to scare away intelligent people who would otherwise read if not for the cursing. Thank you for sharing this and not jumping on the condemnation bandwagon.

      • What’s to condemn? They are, after all, only words. They convey information. They also elicit mental images, both negative and positive, and present a context. Overall, the image raised by an author’s words will be the image of himself people remember, along with the subject about which he wrote. Cuss words are like spices; at times they are needed to provide the right flavor. Pouring cayenne pepper on butterscotch pudding raises doubts about the cook.

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